100 Things

  1. I was born in Bad Axe, Michigan on January 14th, 1977.  Or so I thought until my husband corrected me when applying for our marriage license that I was actually born in Colfax Township.  This is still correct.
  2. I love the way my birth date sounds when I say it.  This is still true and I think birthdays are super important and always will. 
  3. I love to cook.  This is also still true although now I feel like I don’t have as much time to do it that I would like.
  4. My mom thought that would never happen and still won’t compliment me when I cook something.  Not true, she will compliment me now.
  5. My mom is either in constant competition with me or does/says things I like to be closer to me when I really just want to push her away.  All the time.  I can’t stand it or change it.  She is still this way but I don’t push her away as much and our relationship has changed for the good.
  6. I forgot how to spell competition when I typed it for # 5 and that will bother me for a good 24 hours.  What a LAME number 5, but anyway, I rely too much on spell check and probably drive some of my readers NUTS.  I often (offen, hehehe) misspell awry as arye as in Ahhh…rye bread.  But spell check doesn’t catch it and I am an idiot and rye bread IS good.  🙂
  7. I really do love my mom, I adored her until 1994 and then it went down hill from there.  This is true but it is much better!
  8. I really want to be a Real Estate Agent but I’m too scared.  I love houses.  This is still true but HELLO we are not in an economy for me to just be TRYING new things.  Blech.
  9. FInishing school is only important to me so I can say I did.  Hmmm, not so true but I am going to finish even if I’m 45.  I actually just discussed this with Rob last weekend.
  10. My favorite drinks are the following:  Coors Light, martini, red wine, sangria, bloody mary.  Now it’s just mostly red wine and beer.  I have not had a martini since Luke has been born.  Odd.
  11. Bed covers must always be in the appropriate order for me to sleep soundly.  STILL TRUE.  I have sort of changed Rob a bit.   See #62 and also how I messed up awry again.
  12. I can always sleep.  Except when I’m on vacation.  I’m not sure because I haven’t been on a vacation in awhile.  Boo.
  13. I want to start a recipe blog.  Never gonna happen.  Too lazy.
  14. I make up nicknames for people, not on purpose, they just flow out naturally.  Not so true anymore, I think I’ve lost my touch.
  15. I love computers!
  16. I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
  17. I like to read blogs. 
  18. If I find a good one I’ll read it like a book, from the beginning.
  19. I love to read, I wish I had more time to do it.  STILL TRUE!
  20. I collect books.
  21. I want a book shelf in every room of my house.  Still working on that.
  22. I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m afraid it won’t happen for us!  IT HAPPENED!!
  23. If I have a daughter, I want to read her all of the books I read as a child; for example Anastasia Krupnik.  I don’t think I’m going to have a daughter.
  24. My mom used to have to bribe me to play with friends because I was always reading.
  25. I bet she regretted that after I discovered boys and the roller rink.  I bet she regrets more the boys I discovered.  I know I do.  You must highlight to read.
  26. I will put a pull down United States map in my childrens rooms.  THIS IS DONE!!!  Although we (Rob) wish it was a World Map. 
  27. I could read a cook book for hours.
  28. I don’t even want to open the Joy of Cooking cookbook I got for Christmas.  I LOVE that cookbook.
  29. I break bones easily.  Knock on wood.
  30. I use Tide w/ bleach.  No, now I buy what’s on sale.
  31. I heart the downy ball.  Yep, still making out.
  32. I hate folding laundry.  Yes, still do but it’s even more torturious to watch Rob fold laundry.  He thinks our closet is The Gap.
  33. Not as much as I hate returning bottles.  Not as much as I hate NOT returning them and having a LARGE collection.
  34. Apple Cinnamon Glade candles are my favorite.
  35. I hate all vanilla smells unless it’s a car air freshener, then I like it.
  36. Crap, there was no 36. 
  37. I’m really good at hooking up electronics.
  38. I know how to change my own oil.  My bother taught me.  But I’m never gonna do it.
  39. I will not change it myself.
  40. I really like meeting people for drinks.
  41. I make a phenomenal meatloaf, I promise.  I will post THAT recipe because everyone should have it. 
  42. I am not competitive.
  43. I am in love with the Food Network.
  44. I cried when I watched March of the Penquins.  Yep, and I bought a little statuette penguin that is super darn cute and in my bathroom.  Love him.
  45. My husband laughed at me.
  46. That has VERY sad moments.  IT DOES.
  47. I would like a penguin for my birthday please.  PLEASE!
  48. I could beat anyone at Friends Trivia.  It would not be fun to play with me.  I’m lame and old.  If I’m still blogging in 20 years this will HISTERICAL to read.
  49. I rock at Shuffleboard.  Hmmm, probably still do, maybe we will go there for my bday.
  50. I sing to my dog and husband.  They like it.  Now I sing to Luke and he LOVES it. 🙂  Our life is a soundtrack.
  51. And sometimes I rap.  Not so much anymore.
  52. I rarely finish a drink.  Just got yelled at for this on Tgiving.
  53. I drink so slowly that it’s warm before I can finish it.
  54. I drink the same cup of coffee all day. 
  55. Other than that, I drink water.  Crystal Light is my favorite now.
  56. I’m only a fan of pop with dinner.
  57. This Spring I want an herb garden.  Ha!  Yeah right!
  58. Cutting anything with my chef’s knife on my cutting board is the bomb.
  59. Making my husbands plate for him is a bad habit.
  60. My Love Language is “words of affirmation.”  The book is pretty good but it didn’t change my life.
  61. Yes, I read it.  What a lame 61.
  62. The Five People You Meet In Heaven is in my top 10 favorite books.
  63. So is Crazy Ladies.  I should reread these.
  64. I’m ashamed I had my palms read.  Eh, I’m over it.
  65. But I wasn’t surprised when she asked me if I felt as if I was psychic.  I still think I am.
  66. Tell me any story and I will listen.  Wow, this is broad.  I do love stories but there are limits, I just don’t know it until you start the story.
  67. I’m an excellent lister.  Unless I have to pee.
  68. I can type while holding a conversation and only have minor errors.  Unless the word is awry then I totally have errors.
  69. I went to Confession and I lied.
  70. I’ve fired one person.
  71. I’ve hired several.  NOT RECENTLY.
  72. Music is part of my being.  And I hope it is to Lukey too.  To me, music is what feelings sound like.
  73. I have no musical talents.
  74. Big Brother is my favorite realty show.  Maybe….not anymore.  I think now I’m more drawn to TLC, A&E and E! but Jon and Kate are totally getting on my nerves.
  75. Deep conversations with my husband make me feel like we have grown a mile high. 
  76. And the timing of those conversations are so random.
  77. I like to know what time it is, always.
  78. My work desk is always messy.
  79. My file drawers are not.
  80. My favorite gum is light blue Extra. 
  81. I was in 2 plays in high school.  DRAMATIC much?
  82. I moved from a school of 15 kids per class to a school with 400 per class.  I was fifteen.
  83. Yeah, I was scared.  CHICKEN!
  84. My husband went to the same high school.
  85. We graduated together but did not hang out.  He was at church and I was at the mall or slumber parties.  Or Club.
  86. We confused a lot of people at our 10 year reunion.  Okay, maybe 2 people.  No one remembers me.
  87. I’m an excellent cake decorator.  I still want to do this on the side.
  88. It was my job for 4.5 years.
  89. Gilmore Girls are awesome.  Yep.
  90. My husband come home after nights out and dance to slow songs in our basement.  Gosh…no more nights out like we used to!
  91. And it’s his idea.  I love that.
  92. I have a very loyal brother.
  93. I am so lucky to have him. 
  94. My mom bought me a Kitchen Aid beater, but I won’t use it until the one she gave me from childhood, the only one I ever remember breaks.  Yeah right, I got over that the first time I used and it was AWESOME!
  95. Somehow I’m off a number.
  96. I love my Kitchen Aid but need to save it for a bigger kitchen.  It’s very sad.  Not so sad anymore!
  97. I always wear two shirts.
  98. I want a boy, but I can’t ever think of a boy name I like.  Scratch that, I have a LUCAS!!!
  99. I want to go to Ireland for my 15th wedding anniversary.
  100. And Alaska for my 10th.  If we go to Alaska, I’m totally taking Luke. 
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  1. Music is what feelings sound like.
    (I could have cried thinking about this, it is so true)

  2. Jenj

     /  October 16, 2009

    music YES…part of the reason I want music notes in my 30th bday tattoo!! So true!!

  3. Music is what feelings sound like. (I could have cried thinking about this, it is so true)


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