Lent and Shamrock Shakes

It’s that time of year again. That time of year where I give up something for 40 days because…well, I’m a Catholic and it’s important to me. Last year I did not think it through. I hastily gave up McDonalds without realizing that it was shamrock shake time at the ever-loving fast food joint. I’m not like crazy and suck down a shamrock shake a day or anything, I mean not even one a week, but I definitely need one. Just one to quench that minty craving that reminds me of Spring and St. Patty’s Day. Last year I was good. I did not break down once for the green minty taste of heaven, I was a good little Catholic girl. I don’t know. What I do know is I’m sucking one down this year. Yep, just one medium shamrock shake to go please. Thank you.

I gave up caffeine. I gave up pizza. Oh, my sweet, sweet bread covered in cheese! and pepperoni. How I love bread and cheese. If I could marry bread and cheese I would! Eh, 40 days is nothing. It’s a small blink compared to my whole life time. Forty day, Shmforty days. Yeah, that’s right.

Last year I didn’t even want Fritos or McDonalds when Lent ended. I don’t think I’ve eaten a Frito since.

I find it amusing that even my husband is obsessing over how unorganized and chaotic our house is. Mr. I-need-a-Folgers-coffee-can-to-store-my-change-in. And proudly displays it on his computer desk. Oh, I cringe as my fingers type the words. I am in love though. I am in love in the way that Folgers coffee cans filled with change can go unnoticed.

I can’t neglect empty milk cartons though, gross.

And so I rub off on him. In 15 years I’ll be storing my change in empty milk cartons and he’ll be cringing as he types up a post for his latest blog entry while my blog is dated June 12th, 2009.

So tonight we are having a date night.

I’m positive on Saturday I’ll be sporting my yellow rubber gloves as I disinfect the house, the carpet, the dog, the everything.

Saturday night is game night with some good friends who like to power walk at elementary schools.

We are the Power Walkers of America: Elementary School Chapter

And Sunday will be more Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

Thank God for Fridays!


Before I close, I just realized as I listened to song from an 80’s heavy metal band that the singer is definitely saying “Animal, Anima-al” but for a second it sounded like, “Enema, Enema-a”, and how odd is that to mistake for a lyric. Yikes.

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  1. Actually, I think you’ll find that he’s really saying “Panama” (by Van Halen). I don’t blame you though, because that’s how I hear it as well.


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