Amie’s 30th Bday…..

Here I am drunk. In case you wondered what that was like, sans tan and new blonde highlights!
Here I am dancing…

And you know that was obviously HI-larious!

Here I am with my giant hands…trying to sell you a car that’s not a lemon.

And Pete telling his cat attack story. The same cat that almost killed me in April of 2006.

The whole reason we got together…Amie’s 30th bday and her cake! Amie on the right. Hostess Heidi on the left! Heidi made her a homemade cake!
What we ate for dinner that night…Eric’s homemade lasagna and garlic bread! Yum!
Our host and hostess!
The second night….
Me and hubs!
And blogger starts sucking and I can’t post anymore pics! I hope you had a good bday Amie. We had a great time!

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  1. Amie

     /  March 8, 2007

    I had a great time! Pete looks like he’s yelling at someone? You are a great dancer too!

  2. Amie

     /  March 8, 2007


    At least you did not blow out your knee dancing! LOL!!


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