It’s not spiders, or at least it was confirmed….

I arrived at the doctor office today my normal 10 minutes early, you know, in case they are ahead of schedule, I like to do that. Of course, they were not. I had to wait patiently starving for an hour. Yes, I was starving….all I had was some beef jerky at work, that is not enough to get me through an hour wait that I expected to me 10, if not 20 minutes. But let’s move on.

After hearing 50 people get called in before me, I finally heard my name called from behind a half open door. The little old nurse who was not rude, but not friendly either took the normal stats and left me sitting in the room, “Marcia will be right in.” Evidently, the LON’s version of “be right in” and my version are clearly not equivalent. I waited another 30 minutes before Marcia knocked on the door.

I always turn into the jokester whenever I’m near a doctor. It’s nerves, I think. I’m not sure. Marcia asks me what’s going on with the ear, I tell her how the pain started on Sunday, how I made my own diagnosis about the sweaty earphones and she’s nodding and agreeing like yeah, yeah, that could be medically possible but I went to med school so let me look in there. As she gets up with her really cool ear tool that I wish I had, I tell her how my husband is so funny and made the comments about the spiders laying eggs in my ear…..blah, blah, blah….but the strange thing….she didn’t seem surprised by that. She didn’t look at me with a funny face and say, “yeah that never happens” or even, “yeah, that rarely happens” or “I doubt that’s the problem”, she looked at me very matter of fact like and said, “let’s see what we have going on in there!” Like there was actually a chance that that was the problem.

It wasn’t, it’s not. Actually, come to think of it, she did not confirm or deny it as the problem. Huh. But I’m still creeped out that it could. I might want to start wearing ear plugs when I sleep, no?

“It’s definitely red and swollen in there.” Thanks Marcia. I want my 10 bucks back.

“I’ll write a prescription for ear drops, 4 drops, 4 times per day.” Okay Marcia, since you prescribed (and I’m not licensed or come to think of it even smart enough to know what to prescribe to do that) me something, you can keep my 10 bucks and the other 150 g’s you make a year.

At this point, 8 ear drops later, no improvement. But, It’s only been like 8 hours.

It hurts.

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  1. A Novelist

     /  April 2, 2007

    I’m sorry…I hope you’re feeling better soon. 😦
    Take care!


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