Sweet dreams are made of these…..

This is what my brain did last night while I was sleeping. My dreams have been so intense lately….this is just one night!

Dream 1: I dreamt that Sand Point, which is a 5 mile peninsula in the town I grew up in with a road down the middle and houses on both sides, was one long house. The road was no longer there but instead it was a hallway with passages to houses on either side. I’m walking and walking down this hallway through people’s houses and finally arrive at the end where I find my husband in a bathtub/hot tub with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. This disturbed me.

Dream 2: I was at another party where Patrick Dempsey was hitting on me. This is the second occurrence of this dream. I don’t get it. I love him and everything but he really needs to stick to our agreement which was, we stay faithful to our respective families.

Dream 3: I gave birth to a baby girl the day after I found out I was pregnant. This wasn’t like a oops, I didn’t know I was pregnant and was actually 9 months along and then gave birth…no, this was I found out I was pregnant and hadn’t told anyone yet and the next day I gave birth to a baby girl who I remember repeating in my dream, “looks just like my cousin Amelia” (not to be confused with my friend I nicknamed Amelia, because of this cousin). She was sitting up and everything, the baby, not my cousin, and I was texting pictures of her to my friends with attached messages that said, “aww isn’t she a doll?” This dream went on for what seemed like hours. And this isn’t the first time I’ve had this dream either, it was just more elaborate this time.


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