Yep, I’m a multi tasker….

Last night I miraculously watched American Idol and Gilmore Girls at the same time and didn’t miss anything crucial. This was difficult and necessary. I just cringe every time Sanjaya is on stage, and I just love that Logan had a heart to heart with Lorelei in the kitchen. It’s clear that the show is ready to come to end. The thought is still sad though. My favorite Idols thus far are Chris and Blake. The country music about made me sick to my stomach. In the past I could enjoy a good country song, I can even say that I’m still a fan of the Dixie Chicks, but in the last 4 years that has changed dramatically. I might know why but I’d rather not revisit that part of my past. Oh but it would be so fun my readers don’t you think? Someday I’m going to post about each boyfriend I’ve ever had. But it will be only the funny stuff, maybe a couple this-is-what-I-learned statements. I have posted about this before, but none of these were serious. Ha, ha, ha, typing that made me chuckle. Let’s see there was, The Farter, The Little Penis Man, The I’m So Quiet I Never Say A Word Man, The I Still Live With My Parents Loser Man, The I’m Just Going To Live In a Tent Man (we weren’t really serious *chuckle* but he’s worth mentioning just purely for the giggle). And since I wasn’t quite done humiliating myself and ripping my self security to shreds like a block of cheese on a grater, I revisited The I Still Live With My Parents Loser Man. Subsequently, after that dick, I moved on to The Even My Mom Questioned Your Sexuality Man, which I did receive a love gift packaged in a Tiffany box from. That’s always nice, no? Finally, I met The You Are So Hot In That Hockey Uniform Get-Up How Did I Pass You Up Before Man…..aaahhh my husband.

There’s your little preview. Can’t wait huh? Yeah, me neither.

Yesterday I painted. After ripping out the living room carpet, the bottom trim needed repainting….as did the trim around the windows and doors. Painting sucks. Then I started painting the ceiling. Because I’ve never painted it since I’ve lived there. No judgment. My back hurts like a beyotch. And I’m not done. I have to visit Benard’s today to replenish the paint supplies. Ugh.

So after I had enough of being a women in 2007, I jumped in my time machine and traveled back to 1960 while I prepared Tuna Noodle Casserole for dinner. It was so good.

Can I just say….I am Inn love with Tori and Dean. Tuesday night is my favorite night for TV. I haven’t had a favorite night for TV since 2004 or 5. Fun!

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