Standing Still

Enough redecorating, let’s start writing!

The Weekend…

End being the key word here. We should work on the weekend and have the week off, how ‘bout it? If I start a petition will you sign it? I’ll sign it first. There, it’s signed.

The house project went really, really well. We still have some minor touch ups and the back of the garage to finish but it’s all good in the hood. The problem is finding the time for the last little things that are driving me crazy. Since Sunday we have been major slackers.

The week….

Monday I came home to Sweetlips working away. I went grocery shopping and cleaned the house and after that I was just too sleepy. Tuesday was the day we had to try and finish because the rain would be coming soon. I get home and Sweetlips is tired. I want to go for a run & start painting, he wants to go to the store to pick out shutters and something else that now I’m forgetting. We go to the store & spend hours there because he can never look at enough wood and nails. I stand there impatiently wishing I had stayed home and gone running. Wednesday I have the same game plan as Tuesday except when I got home Sweetlips wanted to go to the Whitecaps game. This puts me at day 5 of not running. This makes beingmccrary not happy. But because it’s date night and Sweetlips is insistent, I say okay. Tonight I am running and meeting a friend for a walk. There is no stopping me because running makes me feel good. Running keeps me sane! We also have another race coming up soon that I don’t want to lose momentum for! Hello, I will beat my old time!

Date night was awesome, I must say. First we went to Vitale’s for a quick snack of shrimp for me and calamari for Sweetlips. Soon after our arrival at the game with huge beers in hand we snacked on baseball game food. One of my favorite things to do at games. I love food!

I missed the season finale of Tori & Dean. I caught the last half of the marathon and then fell asleep at 10:25 and woke up at 11:05. Just missed it! I hope they play reruns!

Rory did not say yes to Logan, which is what he deserved for asking her in front of everyone.

Soon to be the weekend again…..

This weekend I’m planting flowers & watching endless hours of Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2 from Netflix!! Yeah!!!

Wish me luck that I actually get to work on the house tonight for even an hour. And I will post pics when the job is complete.

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  1. EMOB

     /  May 10, 2007

    Love the new look! Yay for house projects…our deck is almost done…can’t wait to chill and have a bbq. Have a good one…

  2. my life is brilliant

     /  May 10, 2007

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one — and to get encouraging words from someone who’s been through the same.

    I’ll definitely be back to read your blog!

  3. beingmccrary

     /  May 10, 2007

    emob-yeah! decks are fun! I can’t wait for ours either!!

    my life is brilliant-I’ll be back to yours too! It’s a good one!

  4. Princess Taj

     /  May 11, 2007

    Me LOVEY the new layout!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


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