Happy Day

Before you start reading my post…please check out this one….I finally got the picture to work and it’s too cute not to see! Don’t worry, it’s not me.

I am so happy today. I laughed my ass off on the way to work. I listened to this during my morning travel to work and never have I laughed out loud in my car like this. They have this game they are playing with American Idol. There’s 4 guys so each guy picks there contestant to win, if that person gets voted off, they have to pick one of there recent song choices to sing. Free Beer was singing Staying Alive because Lakeisha was his contestant, obviously. Hahaha. It was Hi-larious! You had to be there though. Sorry.

I had my new favorite thing for dinner last night. Yes. I’m addicted to Qdoba. It’s the yummiest freshest Mexican grill around town. Sweetlips was so jealous.

I did not work on the house last night, Sweetlips did though. He got all the light fixtures and the mailbox up. It looks glorious. It’s getting so close!

I did go for a run though and met J for a walk. And because of her inspiration I got up and ran this morning and it wasn’t scary at all! I did tuck a screw driver in my sports bra though. Yes, I really did.

I would also like to add something positive about my parents today. Because I know it seems as if I’m always talking negatively about them.

This week my mom gave us those Whitecaps tickets because she remembered Wednesdays is date night. And after a talk we had last Saturday she has only called me once every day and given me the opportunity to call her back before power calling me before I even get the message. This is huge. And that’s all I’m saying.

My dad is moving close by very soon. This makes me very happy. He also did apologize to me about some stuff. And I didn’t have to ask for it, it was random.

I’m going to end the post with how I got in trouble on Tuesday….because I have a big mouth.

I had a really bad day on Monday. When I got home I had to run some errand while Sweetlips slaved away at the house. On the way to the grocery store I stopped at our local hang out to visit my bartender.

I had a rough day and just wanted one drink and maybe to chat with her a bit. She wasn’t there. I had one martini and went on to the store. I kept it from Sweetlips though. I mean, here is working hard and I’m out having a drink. Probably a little unfair. So Tuesday after our shutter adventure he wants to go to the local hang out for dinner. I say okay…and then I say…”I hope Jen’s there, she wasn’t there yesterday.” For one second I thought he didn’t hear me. But he did. “What? Yesterday? When were you here yesterday? Is that what took you so long?” No, actually I got a little lost in the clothing and HBC department, that’s what took so long. I downed that martini quick! That didn’t seem to help.

“That’s it, unlimited boobs for 3 additional weeks. And you’re paying tonight.”

Okay, all of our money is the same so that works, and I’ll just say they are sore and then you’ll feel bad. I win.

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  1. 24-4-ever

     /  May 11, 2007

    I love Qdoba too. Kids eat free on Sundays. 12 and under. Sweet!

    That’s cool about your mom and your dad. I’m glad things are going well.

    Whoops about your local hangout. But a girl needs her martini’s every now and then. 🙂 3 weeks is a long time for unlimited boobs. Ha.


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