Marry Me, Marry Me

I can often be known for my love of music. When a song catches my ear, I want it on my fake ipod like now. I cannot be certain where this fetish came from….but I do know that if ever I was sad as a child, my mom would immediately put a record on or pop an eight track in the stereo to cheer me up. We would dance around the room until I was bubbling with laughter. Wow. That was a really good memory of my mom that I was totally not prepared to write, it just came out. Anyway, I’m digressing….

So, yeah…I kept hearing this song that I loved the tune to. I would hear it in restaurants or I’d hear it at work, but it was always too muffled for me to really get a good listen of the words, let alone the artist. In fact, the only words I could get out of it were, “marry me, marry me”.

About a month into hearing this mystery song with no idea who is singing it, I’m going stir crazy. I try to google the words I know….nothing. I finally asked Sweetlips who requested I sing it to him. Of course! So I did. “You only know 4 words and 2 of them are the same.” DUH! Do you know it or not? It sounded familiar to him but he was no help. Sweetlips did suggest that I email the radio station morning guy to ask him. So I did. I wrote,

Dear Radio Morning Guy,

I’m curious if you could help me out with a song

that I keep hearing but can’t figure out who sings it.

I only know one line of the song. It would help a lot if

I could sing it to you so you could get the tune, but since this is email I can’t.

The words I know are, “marry me, marry me” and it’s a guy singing.

Sincerely, Crazy Song Girl.

His response:

I need more information.

Hmmm…mmmm I thought so.

A week later I had a break in the investigation. I was minding my own business sitting at the bar chatting with my favorite bartender when suddenly I hear the song playing!

“Bartender, bartender!! (picture me frantic with jazz hands flying about) Do you know who sings this song????” She listens hard. She can’t really hear it. “Damn!” She also requests I sing to her. So I do. Nope, she cannot figure it out. I thought for sure she’d know since it was playing.

A few days later I find myself again at my computer googling anything that will help me figure out this song. I notice that someone else had also been looking for this song and so I click to find the answer. Yahoo Q & A at your service!

Um…yeah, I have, in fact, finally found what I was looking for.

I’ve also discovered why it took me so long to figure it out.

This guy didn’t want someone to marry him, he wanted someone to BURY him.

“Bury me, bury me.”

I nearly fell out of my desk chair into a heap of laughter on the floor. I downloaded The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars and sure enough that was the song.

The next day I told my bartender the story and she said, “wow, that really changes the dynamic of the song eh?”


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  1. Princess Taj

     /  July 30, 2007

    OMIGOD!!! I totally knew which song you were talking about, and I’m in shock right now because I thought it was “Marry me, Marry me” too!!!!

    I’m in hysterics over here!!! I’d always hear it and think, “what a nice tribute.”

    We’re dorks.


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