Sweetlips friend, Booty (yes that’s his nickname), called to inform us the other day that his girlfriend was going to be delivering their baby a month early. Of course Sweetlips was thrilled and told Booty to call after when he got a chance. Booty responded that he would do better than that and text us a picture of lil boodette after she was born.

That’s exciting!

Later when Sweetlips’ phone made the text message alert noise, he said, “oh, this is from Booty.” I was in the other room as he let me know this and suddenly I heard, “WOAH!” He calls me to come look at it.

When Booty said he’d send a pic we assumed lil boodette would be all swaddled up and giving us that look that all newborns give, as if to say, “what the hell just happed to me?”


This pic was straight out the bajingo. Grape jelly style, like in sitcoms.

Her face clearly said, “Who the hell is this guy and can’t you clean me up first before I make my debut?!”

I could just see it. As K is calling Booty over for a moment together as their child is entering into the world. He is holding up one finger, “hang on honey, I’m texting!”

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  1. Anonymous

     /  July 31, 2007

    I’m sure that was quiet a surprise
    That’s funny.


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