Sweetlips and I laid in bed last night watching a very disturbing tv show. We had the giggles and proceeded to make fun of something that we should NOT have been making fun of. But we were.

BM: We are going straight to hell on a freight train.

SL: Hell, we are being overnighted!

In other news….let’s see. I suck on blogging because I don’t really have much to blog about. Our weekend was quiet. We went bowling on Friday night. We had every intention of finishing the garage siding but then it rained and so we were forced to lay around and watch tv instead. Sunday it rained even more, so we went to my dads to help him out with a few things and then we came home and finished laying around because we weren’t done yet. Yesterday I was out of town on a business trip and came home to find Sweetlips putting up all of our shelves in the storage room and now everything is on a shelf and tucked neatly away instead of stacked, stacked and stacked. It was still raining when I left for work this morning. More exciting posts coming soon. I hope.

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