These boots are made for walking…..

Today when I woke up I was convinced the universe was against me. I met Jen for dinner last night and to do some cute top shopping for the upcoming couples shower we are all attending this weekend. Recent events have finally pushed me and Sweetlips to re-evaluate our budget and actually create one. Sweetlips and I decided that we get an “allowance” for the week, which means I also have to use that money if I want to shop, so either save it up for one shopping spree, buy one thing a week or buy nothing at all. I can get away with not buying anything at all, but have you seen the list?

But I digress….back to the Universe and how I thought it was screwing me over.

After searching through many a rack and 4 or 5 stores, I found nothing. I have this problem often when it comes to these sorts of events. This couples shower is at a bar, a really nice bar. And usually Sweetlips, myself and our close friends don’t meet up for nights out that require clothing more then the casual cute everyday stuff I would wear to work. These are the times I might go on a search for the cute dressier top. Where are all these tops from previous events located, you ask? Well, I wore one of them to the last event we were all at, so that’s out. One of them only goes with black pants and I was thinking more dressy top with cute jeans. One of them is a tube like top and well….let’s face it…burr. I do have options though, I can be really good at coming up with an outfit in my closet that I didn’t know was there so there is still hope.

I did find this in black:

And it was cheaper then the one at Target and it’s cuter. But I’m still not quite sure it’s what I want to wear to the couples shower.

Okay Universe, I’m getting to you…..

After not finding the top, having to get up at 6am this morning, finding my truck tire almost flat again (we are getting them fixed sat, apparently I ran over 2 nails), then having to move cars, and just recently trying to staple some packets together with my computer mouse, I was convinced it was going to be a bad day or 8.

Until lunch.

I went to Target on my lunch hour to get the couple a shower gift. I wandered around a bit. No cute tops. I wandered to the fashion jewelry department…found a VERY cute bracelet on red sticker. Wandered over to the books where I decided on a Cocktail Entertaining Cook Book for the happy couple. And for no real reason at all I wandered through the shoe department.

Why Hello there cute boots that look just like these but are 19.99 instead of 36.99 at the other store!

What a pickle I’m in now. I mean, I searched and searched for these boots last January but all I could find was sandals. And maybe they are out of style but I really want them for certain things.

Oh, but it gets better.

I decide to get them. I proceed to the check out. Check out guy rings me up, I pay, I exit. As I’m driving back to work I realize that maybe that bill was a little less then it should have. I grab the receipt and am instantly irritated as I notice they charged me 22.00 dollars for the book that was originally supposed to be 15.00. WTF? Then my eyes move down…..they only charged me 4.48 for the boots.

My anger subsides.

Way to make a comeback Uni!

Way to make a comeback indeed!

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