Last night after a busy evening we finally sat down to a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup at 10:00 pm. I made Sweetlips the usual, 2 grilled cheese with Miracle Whip (ew!) and his soup in a bowl. I was happy to get this to him by 10 since The Hills were starting and God knows they won’t play 500 reruns before next Monday!

Sweetlips ate his 2 sandwiches and since he had more then half a bowl left of soup, he decided he wanted more.

SL: If I were to make another grilled cheese, where would I want the heat setting?

BM: Do you want me to make it for you?

SL: No, you are watching your show, what setting?

BM: Between high and medium.

SL: So 7?

BM: Sure…..

I return to my show but am seriously distracted by the banging….

SL: Oh, and do you butter both sides of the bread?

BM: Only butter the sides that will touch the pan.


BM: Do you need help?

SL: No, I’m good.

He finally returns to the living room with his 2 grilled cheeses he made himself!

SL: These are not as good as yours….

BM: What? It’s grilled cheese, you can’t mess up grilled cheese unless you burn it.

SL: No, you put on more Miracle Whip….because I like it that way.

BM: Then why didn’t you?

SL: I wasn’t sure how I liked it but I know it’s not this way…..I like it thicker.

BM: Like a winter coat.

SL: Yeah, but I did it more like a spring jacket.

SL: Wow….no matter how many sandwiches I eat, I still have the same amount of soup…


Later after Audrina still continues to see Justin Bobby who is a dick….we were in the bedroom making the bed before we got in it, because my husband does karate moves in his sleep, the fitted sheet was halfway off his side of the bed.

SL: I really love you Sweetlips, I don’t know where we’d be with out each other….

I pick up his pillow which clearly has the pillowcase on wrong with the tag hanging out the end.

BM: I know where I’d be….not sleeping in a bed with tags hanging out the end of the pillow case, how can you sleep with paper flapping in your face?

Sweetlips grabs the pillow and rips the tag off.

BM: (jaw dropped) You can’t rip those off, it’s against the law!

SL: It’s not the mattress tag.

BM: Oh right….

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  1. A Novelist

     /  September 13, 2007

    You know, I was trying to think of something simple and different to do for dinner tonight and in reading your post, you gave me an excellent idea; Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup! 😉


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