Go! Fight! Win!

Um…yeah, I suck as far as a photo recap of the weekend. I have this from the football game on Saturday morning.

The Knights are the big cookie at the top of the jar….

You get to see 2 of these pics because blogger won’t let me delete one.

Push ’em up 6 more!

And here’s me before getting the living shit scared out of me . Halloween was awesome and not cheesy at all. Even Sweetlips thought it was awesome and usually he just laughs at me. I’ve been living in fear of Michael Meyers since. I know it doesn’t seem like it here but this is before.
Next weekend will for sure be a full on photo recap because it’s our getaway weekend and I’ll be damn sure I don’t forget the camera then!

What the hell happened last night? I was for sure it was the season finale of Rock of Bandana Baldness, but it wasn’t and I was a little sad about that.

I’m out. The Hills are calling.

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