Will you accept this rose?

Last night my cousin arrived and we headed down to the West side of GR to a little event called Thirsty Thursday.

We were a little surprised and flattered when someone sent over 2 tokens which indicates they were buying us each a drink of our choice. The bartender let us know though that this person had requested to remain anonymous. Free drinks and I don’t have to talk to anyone? Okay!

We just thought it was something funny from the band since we knew them. Well, cousin is who really knows them, I know them because every time I’m with her at these dances or festivals they are there too. Because this girl goes to a polka dance or festival just about every single weekend in the summer. She is die hard. I’m just at 3 or so a year.

So later, we relocate by the band and dance on and off…I head over to the bar and run into some people I know. I chit chat a bit and as I start to walk away the bartender says, “Wait, here someone bought you this!” Attempts to hand me a pink rose. “But I’m married!” I tell her. “Yeah, either way here you go! It’s from anonymous again” And gives it to me.

What the the hell? I have a sneaking suspicion of who it might be from but that’s a story for another time. I left the rose on the speaker when I left, but don’t worry I got a picture of it in my mouth first. That will come later…

This morning was rough. I’m not much for going out on school nights. This morning I stumbled out of bed and started the shower with one eye open. And I mean, barely open. When I got in the shower I was shot directly in the face with hot water. When I realize what the heck is going on after that extreme wake up call, I remember that yesterday Sweetlips cleaned the bathroom for our guests this weekend….and he directed the shower head straight up and out rather then it’s normal position….you know on a slight angle as to ease yourself into the shower and temperature of the water.

Evidently he could see into the future that that was exactly what I was going to need this morning. As painful as it was.

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  1. Stephanie

     /  October 5, 2007

    Can I let you know that I just laughed out loud at you getting shot straight in the face with hot water? Sorry, but it was funny!


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