Nothing Lasts For Long

Take my hand
And walk with me
And tell me who you love
And make a wish and you can see
The first star from above

I lied. I’m here. I said I wouldn’t post until Monday. I lied.

Last night we were at dinner before the concert and Sweetlips got a call from his best friend asking if it would be okay if he could join us at the concert, which means that THE sister would be there too. Did I ever mention that the sister dates the Sweetlippers best friend? In case I haven’t, that’s the story.

Of course, we say yes. Over the past few weeks she has called and did leave a message with an apology for her harsh words. When I see her come in, I get right up and give her a hug. Am I still hurt? Yes. Do I not agree with her? Yes. But still, I just gave her a hug because I think about how much I love my brother and how if my husband loves his sister with an ounce of that, I don’t want to be rude to her if it means hurting my husbands feelings.

Ya ever feel so deep and lost
Somewhere in the past?
Is it wrong to not hold on
if nothing ever lasts?

We all had a really nice time. Something about live music is always stimulating for me.

At the end though, my husband and his sister start talking again….and once again, not agreeing. We end up leaving with my husband basically just walking out of the conversation.

“She won’t listen to me!”

“Why does she have to?” I ask him. I mean, it’s just a thought but why?

Maybe nothing lasts for ever
Not the mountain or the sea
But the times we have together
They will always be with me

Every time I see my brother, I see my entire childhood. He is the one person who knows it all. He knows every holiday tradition, every Christmas Eve, every fight my parents had, every fight we had in the back seat of the family car and drawing lines to make sure you “stay on your side!”. He remembers my mom’s cream puff recipe, how we used to sleep on the floor of bedrooms with our head sticking out of the bedroom door so we could still talk, and how we used to make our mom so angry when we’d ride down the stairs in laundry baskets.

So yes, I don’t agree with every single thing that my brother says or does. And I could tell him that every time he brings up those specific things, but I just choose not to. You have to pick your battles and decide what’s important to you….getting someone to understand your point when they clearly don’t have the same priorities as you? Or having a relationship with your sibling?

I choose the latter.

The sun is down and the wind is calm
As it gently fades away
I wonder then and I think of you
And how nothing ever stays

That’s all.

Song Lyrics: Nothing Lasts For Long by The Samples

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  1. my life is brilliant

     /  October 13, 2007

    You are a very good person, and you’re good at being the bigger person. Kudos to you.

  2. Anonymous

     /  October 14, 2007

    that was a good one and not even a single typo 🙂 yes i am back and have added your blog to my favorites.



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