The End

I found out last night that my brother is having surgery tomorrow morning. It’s only outpatient, but I guess I get worried about what they could find during the process seeing as yes, the symptoms seem to point to one thing but you never really know. And he’s been having these issues for awhile and tried to ignore them as long as he could. I was upset to know that the whole family knew except for me. He does this to me often because he does not like me to worry. I find this funny, not in a ha ha sense, but because he is always so caring and has been there for me in so many ways as I’ve dealt with many experiences in the hospital, and I just want to return the favor. Favor. Uh. Not really what I meant. What I mean is I want him to know how much I love him, as he did me during all of those times.

Maybe he doesn’t need me like I needed him. Or maybe, he just doesn’t want to ask for it because he’s a boy, and boys are like that. My father stopped by and I said, “I’m upset and need to yell at you, well it’s not about you but I need someone to yell at!” I didn’t really yell, but I told him I was pissed about just finding out about the surgery. I had tried to call Mike earlier but he didn’t answer, thus my frustrations were not satisfied by an “I’m sorry” and an explanation. After my dad left, he was going to my brothers to find out the game plan for Friday as he is taking the day off of work to be with him. Soon after he left, my phone rang. Yep, just enough time for my dad to tell him I’m not a happy sister. We don’t keep secrets in this family.

Mike: I’m sorry, it’s not like that. I’ve just been busy getting everything set up.
BM: That’s fine, but I would like to know if my only sibling is going under the knife as I need to a) pray and b) make you food so you have something to eat while you recover at home. Thanks!
Mike: Well, whatever you make….make a lot.

We also like to eat in this family.

My dad, in addition, told me that during the procedure Mike is also getting….er….you know…fixed, if you will. It makes me want to cry.

So, I guess we’re done then. No more McCrary’s.

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  1. molly

     /  November 1, 2007

    Oh hunnie. Big hugs!

  2. Jen

     /  November 1, 2007

    All the best to your brother, and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

  3. A Novelist

     /  November 1, 2007

    I hope everything goes well with your brother’s surgery…you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂


  4. Princess Taj

     /  November 2, 2007

    Hope all goes well – thinking of you and your family xoxoxo

  5. Sending my very best wishes! XOXOX

  6. my life is brilliant

     /  November 5, 2007

    Oh gosh! It sounds like hopefully the surgery won’t be too bad. Try not to be too upset at your brother. I think he was really trying to do something good for you by not making you worry. I can understand being frustrated, and you can definitely punch him in the arm when he’s recovered, but go easy on him.

  7. my life is brilliant

     /  November 5, 2007

    (that go easy on him thing, by the way — only for now.) 🙂


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