My Stolen Thunder

I’m not sure why I signed up for a softball league.  I played softball in junior high and my freshman year of high school but basically when I moved here, all my extra curricular activities were thrown out the window.  I was scared.  I came from a school that did not require try outs, so the thought of trying out was just too scary for me.  Anyway, I said yes only because I was reassured that it was for fun and that if I didn’t hit a home-run every time I was up to bat, my tires would not be slashed.  This was a good enough reason for me, apparently.  Little did they know, I would barely be hitting the ball every time I was up to bat, never mind those home-runs.   

Our first game into the season was about the second week that I started dating Rob, my now husband.  He asked if he could come to my game and I immediately said, “how about we meet up after?”  Which was my polite way of saying, “hell no.”  He did not like that answer.  He really wanted to come to the game.  I finally told him he could come but he was not allowed to watch.  There was a bar right next to the field, so I encouraged him to partake in that sport while I sucked at mine.   

Being the awesome man that Rob is, he did stay true to his word and did not watch me play that night, however his friends did watch me play and gave him the play by play from the other side of the wall.   By the next week, I was over the fear that was having the guy I’m dating sit on the side lines of the softball game that I’m playing.  It helped that he was so damn determined to be there.  What was this guy’s problem?  I don’t know what I thought.  Maybe I thought when he saw me flinch in fear every time a ball came towards me; it would be the end of us.  Little did I know.    

By this time in our relationship we were just casually dating.  I knew that I really liked him, but hello?  I’m not about to let him know that, and I’m certainly not about to call him my boyfriend.  I don’t know, because I’m mature like that.  Anyway, by our fourth game in, Rob is coming to every game.  I’ve introduced him to a few people but mostly he just stands by the fence.  And mostly, I didn’t know everyone’s name so I only introduced him to the people I did know.  Three innings into the game, one of our guys gets hurt.  We have just enough people, so this becomes a problem.  Oh wait, no, we don’t have a problem, because Stacey’s boyfriend brought his glove and a change of shoes!  Yeah Stacey’s boyfriend! 

People were yelling this.   

Now I’m in a pickle.  He’s not my boyfriend, and now he thinks I’m telling people he’s my boyfriend, and hello don’t you listen?  I SAID this is my friend Rob.  FRIEND.   

Rob proceeds to hit like 3 or 4 homeruns, I mean, it’s not like it’s hard.   

And all I hear is, wow your boyfriend is good, do you think he’ll want to play every week? 

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him”.  But what I really want to say is, he’s not my boyfriend, quit calling him that.  Are you an idiot?  This is like our 6th date and only established couples of YEARS play on coed softball leagues together and besides YOU ARE GOING TO SCARE HIM AWAY YOU FOOL!

 Yes, this was the casual dating Stacey you never got to meet.  I started blogging when we were well established so you didn’t get to meet her.  Consider yourself lucky.   

By the time the game ended, I was a wreck.  We all proceed into the bar, yeah let’s add alcohol! And after the first beer arrives Rob leans into me and says, “you don’t have to call me your boyfriend if you are not ready, but I am, so you just let me know when you are.  And if it’s okay with you, I’d like to play every Friday.” 

“You can play, but you need to tone it down a little, you’re making me look bad.” 

“But, you are not good.” 

“I know, but at least before I was encouraged or praised for my one base hit, now all they care about is you!” 

To this day, Rob does not think he stole my thunder.  I’m just curious, who randomly travels around with a glove and a change of shoes in their car for the mere fact that they could be spontaneously needed in a game of softball? 

But for that, I made him wait a good 4 more weeks before telling him he could be my boyfriend.  

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  1. Michelle

     /  November 16, 2007

    That’s the cutest story ever.

  2. TGIF! Happy Friday! Check out my blog post for today. I have tagged you! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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