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I’m bothered by my job lately.  I try not to address work on here too often, it just seems dangerous.  But it’s weighing so much on my mind that I believe writing it out is the only way for me to really let it go.  Which is what I really want to do.  It’s affecting my moods lately, and I don’t want to be that person.  In the last week, I’ve had two people ask me “if I’m okay”, and that leads me to believe that I’m portraying an attitude that is unkind. 

The hardest part for me is I work in a building with a team of people that all work for the same person, except I don’t work for that person.  He and my boss are equals on the food chain, if you will.  There is a good reason it’s like that, and honestly, that’s the only thing keeping me here.  So even though I don’t work for this person, I spend more time with him than I do my own boss from the department I belong.  That’s because I’m the only person from that department in this building, keeping things under control.  As of right now when I refer to The Boss, I am referring to the The Boss of the building I work in.

The team is broken up into 50% hard workers who are trying to do the right thing every day by working hard and making constant improvements, 20% moles and butt kissers, who on some level are trying to do the same thing as the hard workers but put down their ideas to only make them their own instead, and who are involved in a little bit of everyones work to justify their positions and fill The Boss in on where everyone needs improvement.  The last 30% are people who openly have poor attitudes and do not promote change at all even if it could be the best thing for the company. 

The Boss does not like to hold people accountable.  This is hard for me, I came from my previous employer who did an excellent job with this, and so it’s hard for me to work in an environment like this one.  At my last job, you only didn’t have your shit together one time.  Because one time was enough for you to know you better have it together next time.  I hated it at the time, but now I’m usually more than on top of my game, so secretly I thank him for that. 

This job is always pushing us to make improvements, yet doesn’t want to spend the money to do it.  I’m sorry but if you don’t move with the times, your business won’t either.  I have a lot of knowledge in the field I’m in, I see so many things we could change to make things better, but it’s just clear when these ideas are brought to the table that either a) they won’t spend the money or b) don’t want to change it and I need to focus on my own department.  Then don’t come to me when your department isn’t holding up their end of the work load, don’t ask me to guide them, after all they make more money than me and they should be held accountable for their “lead” position.  The thing is, they ask me to do that because they know I thrive on that and I’ll do it.  But not this time.  I have my own employees and department to focus on.  I’ll do just that. 

It’s hard because I feel like my knowledge is being wasted, although, it was my choice to make the move into a lateral, yet different department in the same field of work I did at my last job. 

The Boss?  He’s rarely here.  It’s almost sickening and I feel bad for his right hand man, who while yes is his right hand man, also still works for him.  So it basically goes like this, RHM does all the work while The Boss picks and chooses what he would like to take credit for or when he wants to be here.  Then there’s The Mole who lives up The Boss’s ass and while there, tells him everything she thinks and how she sees it which is apparently the gospel because The Boss believes every word.  The way they agree in meetings makes me want to puke.  I find it also funny that The Mole is leaving soon to have a baby, she was going to go part-time when she returned from her maternity leave, up until someone questioned if she would be taking less pay, and suddenly! she was going to return as full-time. 

I have worked very hard at keeping my distance from all or any drama with this employer.  I am proud to say I have been successful at this task, as not just 3 weeks ago my boss praised me for not being involved in some drama between my fellow (insert position here).  There is one of us at every building, and there’s about 10 or more buildings, you’d be surprised how much drama and gossip can arise out of people that don’t even work in the same building! 

There are several things I enjoy about this job.  This job that I am lucky to have right now, especially with the times our state is in, but I just needed to get this off my chest. 

I need to hold myself accountable to not letting work people or things effect my daily or hourly moods.  Because after all, work isn’t my life.  So when people make me mad, or I get frustrated, what I need to do is keep on keeping on, with a smile.  I need to set the example for the people who work for me, and getting an attitude isn’t the way. 

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  1. Good for you. That’s hard to do.

  2. Big hugs for you – work sucks – try not to let these people get you down. Did you read about the No Gossip Policy at Empower PR? Cannot believe they are able to enforce that, or worse, need to! – very very funny.
    Chin up,

    Suze x


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