Ramble. I’m sick. Ramble. My Dog is Heavy. Ramble.

I’m sitting at my desk sipping any hot liquid I can find to calm down the razors.  Yes, they are still in full effect.  Rob promises to make me chicken noodle soup for dinner but eh….who wants that?  I mean, I guess I’ll have to eat it since everything else hurts going down but seriously?  I want a pizza.  So today I’ve had tea and now I’m in the middle of (crap, almost spilling, seriously I almost just spilled on my mouse pad) hot chocolate.  I also stopped at the gas station today for a pack of lozenge’s, they are half gone and it’s 9:53am.  Gosh, I hope the razors stay until Sunday.  My body isn’t quite achy but doesn’t like to do anything strenuous like….lift the cup that the hot chocolate’s in.  When I do anything other than sit here, I feel spent.  And seriously, I should.  On a positive note, I would much rather be sick now than any other time in December when I have Christmas shopping to do and parties to attend.  Also, season 7, disc 1 of Gilmore Girls arrived yesterday from netflix so at least I had something fun to watch as I dwelled in my sickness.  Getting up for worked today sucked but I knew the guilt would over come me as I tried to watch the Family Channel at 11am (gilmore girls) knowing that’s what time my meeting would be starting, sans moi.  I had very odd dreams last night, must have been the  nyquil, but I dreamt that someone was making me move out of my house and I was telling them, “No!  I love this house! No, I won’t go!”.  They made me move anyway and I was pouting while I unpacked in some house that had wood paneling.  I’ll end this rambling post now, but before I do, I just want to say that I will never understand why even after Rob gets up to go to work, my dog insists on laying on top of me while I sleep.  I mean, it’s a queen size bed, move over!  I tell her to do this and she does but then whe waits for me to fall back asleep and then I wake up with her on top of me again.  Okay, it’s time for another lozenge, I’ll try not to choke. 

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  1. Oh no! Sadly, this is the time of year for being sick. Drink lots of green or peppermint tea with honey! I hope you feel better soon! 🙂


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