Can You Dig It?

Last night was my first official Christmas party where gifts were given!  I love it!  I had  my girls over and with their kids to give them their presents.  We made homemade pizza’s and chit chatted.  It was glorious. 

I have been very busy lately with all the grocery shopping-cheese-ball makin’-last minute holiday fun!

Our driveway is still not shoveled because….we don’t have a shovel.  We had one and we can’t figure out where it went.  I think if a shovel can get lost like ours did, then it can certainly shovel the driveway without any help from us!  Anyway, we just keep driving over it and packing it down…..classy!  I know 2 people that plow and usually they swing in and plow for me but since I’ve gotten married it’s happened less and less.  Maybe I should write them a letter that says:

Dear Plow Friends, my husband did not come sitting in a truck with a plow attached.  Plow away!

Tomorrow is my last day of work for 2 whole weeks!  Can you believe that?  I can!  Okay, okay, I might have to come in for 2 days the second week but no one will be here, it will just be me purging 2003 information in my jeans, faux ugg boots and a sweatshirt, but that is still almost like a day off anyway!  I’m very happy about this!

January will be a month of surprises, I think.  What’s not a surprise is that I’m turning 31.  I remember when my brother turned 31 and I thought wow, we are getting old.  Um, yeah now he’s 34. 

Ah, hell.

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  1. Surprises! Are you hoping for a surprise party or are you keeping information to surprise people. You have my full attention!


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