Hungrier than a fifth grader…

I just ate my lunch, which while unpacking it out of the large (not grocery bag large but not sack lunch small either) brown bag, I felt like I was 11 again.  It never failed that back in 1988 the mom would forget to pick up lunch bags after we ran out so I’d end up taking my lunch to school in a lunch bag fit for the entire class.  And I’ll remind you again how my class only consisted of 15 kids so it could be feasible for me to have enough lunch in that bag for the whole class.  I’m just saying. 

Where the hell was I?  Oh, my point was that I packed a turkey sandwich plain (for fear of spoilage and no fridge to buy real estate in), a bag of Fritos, a yogurt (I actually prefer it room temperature), and for good measure a small baggy of Froot Loops. 

Let me jump back a second, I’m not sure how concerned I am really about the spoilage since when I came home from work last night I noticed the lunchmeat package on top of the fridge, which prompted me to look in the fridge and discover the bread was in the lunch meat spot.  I’m blaming this on me, and not at all concerned that the bread and the lunch meat are frolicking about playing fun little pranks on me while I’m at work.  Anyway, my point here is that I just put the meat back in the fridge and made sammie with that today so I could be dead in 3 hours. 

But my original point is that I opened my french vanilla yogurt and started working surfing through my lunch when I realized that I enjoy the smell of the french vanilla yogurt more than the taste itself.  Is that wrong?  I’d like to leave it on my desk as a little air freshener.  Probably won’t smell that way forever though. 

And I just realized this has nothing to do with the title of my post.

So while I was working and eating my lunch I stopped by Princess Taj’s blog whose big dilemma right now is having a hard time falling asleep.  I know exactly what I do to help myself relax and fall asleep but I realized I could not comment because hello?  I’m 4 days shy of 31 and who needs to know that?  But then after typing everything I did above, you all already know I’m crazy so who really cares.  I don’t. 

I twirl.  Yes, I twirl my hair and the silky goodness between my fingers is enough to make me drift off into sandman land and I love it. 

I have been twirling for sometime.  In one of these* pictures that my Aunt sent me you can see me sucking my thumb and twirling my hair.  Well, actually in the picture it’s more like I’m twirling my scalp since I didn’t have much hair at the time and I’m like 3.  My mom did fear that I might grow up a bald child for my lack of hair growth during my first 5 years.  I must have had a pretty silky scalp though. 

And no, I no longer suck my thumb, although I did until I was 11 and wow this turned into a big confession post that I had no intention of writing.

*ha, fooled you there is no pics, but we did get the computer fixed so I’ll be scanning some old pics soon!

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  1. Twirl your hair to sleep? That would not work for me…It’s too much “doing something” to make me fall asleep.

    And the turkey? I totally would be scared and throw it away. Sitting out throughout the workday? Too long! Of course I am a little paranoid about food borne illness…

  2. haha i totally eat like a fifth grader too! but i have PB&J instead of turkey. i blogged about it awhile back :

  3. Bread in the fridge and meat not in the fridge? Yup; that’s totally something I would do, too. Sigh.


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