Sending Out An SOS

I was already late going to the Secretary of State and not proud of it. I’m usually very timely and get my car renewed in December but hey…I had other things to do like sleep, cry and get indigestion so it was an excuse me for being a week late (insert funny late period pregnant lady joke here). Someone at work informed me that the nearest SOS had a neat little machine outside their office (in a mall) for renewing tags and that it was simple and fast. Simple and fast? Hell, I’ll try it. I get there and I scan my registration. BEEP. Oh, that is fast! HIT ENTER IF INFORMATION IS CORRECT. Enter baby! And then there it is, a big warning:


Figures. Now I’ll go wait in the damn line. I go to enter the office and it’s dark and locked. Damn, I thought again.  I thought this office had closed down, too. (Remember there was no sign on door!)

After work I head to the SOS all the way across town because if I don’t get this done today I know I’m gonna get pulled over and I can’t remember the last name of the guy who is friends with my dad on the police force. This SOS is also in a mall and so I head in and notice immediately it’s also dark and stop in my tracks. I can see the sign on the door but I don’t even have to know what it says because it’s then I realize what an idiot I am.  Martin Luther King Day people.

I arrive home and tell my husband the story while he laughs that laugh that says, “only you.” Then I sit down in the chair across from and say, “did you check the mail?”

I get a questioning look, “Seriously?”

“Damn it, what is wrong with me today?” The baby is sucking my brain out, and soon all I’ll know how to do is breastfeed and change diapers.

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  1. : ) priceless!

  2. Ray

     /  February 2, 2008

    girl when I was pregnant I couldn’t remember SHIT! My boss used to laugh at me all the time because he’d tell me to do something and literally a minute later I’d have forgotten what he said. Fun stuff.

  3. Hey, My photos of my new emo hairstyle


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