dream on, dream away

Nothing like some Color Me Badd lyrics to start the week huh?  Especially a week in 2008.  He he.  I giggle.

You want to know what my dreams have been lately?  I know you do.

  • Smoking.  I keep having dreams of chain smoking cigarettes even though I’m pregnant.  And in the dream I’m all, “this is so bad!” as I light up.  (for the record, I do not smoke)
  • Jagger Bombs.  I’ve been doing jagger bombs in my sleep.  Nothing like a sleeping drunk pregnant girl!
  • Smoking.  But not of the Marlboro persuasion.  It was the wacky tobaccky, (yes, I said it) and the smoke was just rollin’ yo and I was all like Snoop Dogg and shiz.  And I was pregnant.  I’m not gonna lie and say I have never dabbled here and there, but it has been a long time.  Like seriously, WTF?
  • Eating.  Oh yes, I dreamt I ate 14 cupcakes only they were not cupcakes they were cheesecakey goodness in a cupcake form and I said to myself, “number 14, yum!!!  This is so bad, I’m going to explode and get fat.”  But it didn’t stop me from reaching for number 15.  The saddest part was in the dream it was at a shower type of event and the cheesecakey goodnesses were the party favors so each person got one, and so I was stealing everyone’s party favor and they were watching me and I didn’t care.  And then there was the dream about how I ate 7 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Yes, 7 and I started making number 8. 
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  1. Oh the dreams…Something must be in the air. I had a dream about my neighbor who always needs a favor needing a favor. I guess mine was realistic.

    Cheesecake cupcakes…Now that’s a dream I wouldn’t mind having. Ha.

  2. My dreams are always so bizarre too!

  3. MS

     /  February 4, 2008

    i loved Color Me Bad- reminds me of Brad H. basement parties with a DJ! Good times. Except for meeting Mr. Filary. Ughhh..

  4. nancypearlwannabe

     /  February 4, 2008

    All it took was those four little words and I’ve had Color Me Badd stuck in my head ALL DAY. Thank you for that. 🙂

  5. You’ve found ways to indulge in cravings (although some of them are kind of odd) without dealing with consequences. Score!

    Make sure to really go into detail when you post about the dream where you kissed Matthew McConaughey (or some other studly star). (Surely that dream’s coming soon.)


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