I really want to write about work today but it’s probably just not a good idea.  But I will say this:

Don’t talk about people if you don’t understand their situation.  Try to be sensitive to the fact that maybe you don’t know the whole story and that it’s really none of your business.  I’m not going to lie and say I never wonder about people but I only talk about it with my closest friends who are not employed where I work and in my opinion that’s the way it should be.  People are often too caught up in other people lives when really they should be worrying about themselves and getting work done.  Funny to say as I sit here blogging, but for the most part I deal with my coworkers on a professional basis only.  I keep to myself and even though I blog, I know at the end of the day that I’ve accomplished what I needed to. 

I don’t think I owe it to you Maintenance Man to tell you that maybe the reason is that I’ve already lost two babies, and if that was your wife or daughter you would feel the same way so please just stop.  Just stop.

*Princess Taj, if you are reading this I did take belly shots last night but since we got the computer fixed I no longer have the program I need downloaded on it,  Rob is going to fix that today so belly shots can be posted tomorrow.  😉

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  1. I was going to ask where the belly shots were!

  2. Some people are so self involved they are going to ask their question:

    a. even if it is none of their business
    b. regardless of who it hurts

    Sorry. 😦

  3. You are absolutely right and I hate people who act in this manner. I have co-workers who do the same about me. It is so hurtful and totally unacceptable! I’m so sorry. Anyway, I’m giving a big HUG to you. And Happy Valentine’s Day Stacey!

  4. People suck. I realize that more and more each day. Mr. Maintenance Man probably has a miserable existence, and therefore feels the need to spread his misery. You, on the other hand, do not suck. You are wonderful! Just keep reminding yourself that! The Universe will handle Mr.Maintenance Man!

    And YAY to belly shots!!! And please don’t think I’m a weird perv that has a thing for pregnant bellies – I just think pregnant ladies are cute – cute not in a weird way, but in like a care bear cute way. You know what I mean……

  5. It’s amazing how some people fail to realize that you have a life OUTSIDE of work!!! Damn losers! 🙂 You hang in there. Looking forward to the belly shots, happy v-day 2 ya!


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