This girl loves to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiime

Gosh, why is my first thought this morning lame lyrics that Eddie Murphy sang back in 1985?  And I thought this post made me crazy!

Hehehe.  I giggle.  Baby giggles too. 

So let’s just talk about how I have been painting the town red ALL week!  Seriously, internet.  I have!

Monday night I ran three errands after work which didn’t put me home until about 6:30.  I made myself a spinach salad with turkey bacon and hard boiled eggs (yum!) and stayed up all the way into 11:30.  With out even trying!  I finally didn’t fall asleep before Paranormal State.  That’s my new favorite show by the way!

Tuesday I worked until 5 and then I made my way over to Jennifer’s house to go to her daughter’s concert and watch her sing her little heart out.  After the concert we ate pizza and hung out with her family for a bit.  I didn’t make it home until 10:30!  Look out!

Yesterday I had to help my dad with something and then he took me out to dinner where he ate a Texan burger and I had soup and salad.  He dropped me off right away after so that I could head to Jennifer’s again for a Taste!fully Si!mple party.  Have you ever been to one of these parties?  Hello?  They pass food around and you get to taste it and then buy what you want!  Very clever whoever came up with that one!  I bought the Almond Pound Cake, The Chocolate Ugly Cake, and the Nana’s Apple Cake. 

And I say I don’t like sweets.  I cannot be held accountable for anything I say right now because apparently, I’m pregnant and that means nothing I say makes any sense!  Would that hold up in court, ya think?

But back to last night, so yeah I didn’t get home last night until almost 11:00!  I’ve been sleeping better then ever too!  I am really enjoying this week.  Well….minus Rob.  Rob has been in Ann Arbor since Monday morning and I miss him.  He will be home today.  He’s making me spaghetti for dinner. 

This morning when I was getting ready I realized something interesting.  It’s one of my quirks. 

I have to have the shower curtain shut at all times (when I’m not in the shower, obviously it’s wide open when I’m in there 😉 ).  This morning I was just brushing my teeth, I grab the shower curtain and shut it and dawns on me that I do that every day.  I just can’t leave it open. 

I don’t know why. 

What are your quirks?

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  1. My quirks? I could probably write a book on them. 🙂

    I also have to have the shower curtain closed. I double check things. A lot. There must be a little OCD in there.

    I have a routine before I can go to bed. Check door, check stove…

  2. That doesn’t sound quirky to me. Doesn’t everyone keep the shower curtain closed? (If not, WHY not? They’re the weirdos, I say.) 😉 I do, however, need to look behind the shower curtain when I get home every night, just to make sure no one’s hiding in there. I also need to check under my bed before I can get in. Yeah, those two might be considered quirky (or absurd).

  3. I have so many quirks, I wouldn’t know where to start! I also have to have my shower curtain closed at all times, too, but I also have to make sure the curtain rings are pretty evenly spaced.

    I also check behind my shower curtain (and in my closet and other areas where a person could have come in and hidden) whenever I come back inside from taking Piper out, since I don’t lock my door when we go out just for a minute.

    I count steps when I walk. I ALWAYS count them when I’m climbing stairs. I have to do things an even number of times. I can’t put my volume or thermostat in my car on an odd number (except sometimes I can handle 69 degrees for the thermostat, since K does it to be silly so it makes me think of him — and it’s a really comfortable temp!).

    I have a billion and one more quirks, but a lot of them are probably subconscious.

    And yes, I’m totally OCD (but not as bad as I used to be)!

  4. I shut all the doors, bedroom, bathroom, closet every time I leave the room.


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