I wanta ROCK!

From now on, I am titling every post after the song that I wake up with in my head.  You are not allowed to judge me on the songs though because I’m pregnant.  And pregnancy gets you out of everything!  I have no idea why it’s 80’s music, unless my child is a huge 80’s fan, in which case, I have a future of tight rolled jeans and big bangs coming soon.  Unless it’s a boy and then let’s hope he doesn’t sport the mall bang look.

Let’s have today’s post be bullets for fun, okay?

  • Bump update:  this bump is growing at lightening speed people.  Seriously.  I am curious if it could be because when I was 15 weeks my baby was the size of a 17 week baby, would that make a difference?  Now I’m not sure how big it is when I’m approaching my 18th week but let’s just say I have worn maternity pants today and yesterday and they are heaven!  I will take a 18th week bump shot next week for your viewing laughter pleasure.
  • Move update:  late last week Rob received some news that the job being posted was changing into a position that he would not want, mainly because he would be over qualified since the position had turned into more of a “helper” position to the position he wanted.  Wow, that’s a lot positions.  (And then I laugh because I’m funny like that)  We talked and decided it was probably for the best since it was bad timing anyway.  Then last night he came home to tell me that they are now posting a position for the original job he wanted except it would be a Thursday through Sunday job.  Now he’s excited again and hoping to get it.  I’ll just remain calm and remember we have a plan.  I will admit when he told me the news last week I was a little sad I had to keep working. 
  • We got 4 more inches of snow last night.  I am done with snow.  I want to be outside.  Walking with out fear of slipping and falling!  My dog needs some serious exercise too!  Come on Spring!  Say it together now, “COME ON SPRING!”  Okay, now Spring knows we are serious!
  • TV sucks. 
  • I had a dream last night I was sucking my thumb.  I was my current age.  I did suck my thumb until I was 11, did I ever share that here before?  I stopped when my great Aunt told me she would buy me a new outfit if I stopped forever.  Thanks to her that’s why I always need something new to wear.  Or, that’s what I like to think.  Whatever.  She’s not reading this.  I did stop though.  Forever too.
  • Wearing maternity pants make me feel a lot cuter because my other pants were too big so I just looked fatter.  Now you can actually see that I do have legs and an ass. 
  • I have already picked a baby shower date and requested certain things (like the food!) because that’s how ahead I like to be of everything.  I loved Miranda’s baby shower on SATC where she only wanted fried chicken.  I didn’t request fried chicken though.
  • I am totally busting at the seams with energy and I have a good feeling I will be cleaning all afternoon since I get to leave early today!  Work too many hours during the week = leave early on Fridays.  WHOO!!!  Um, yes, I love to clean like that.  I am sooooo cool.
  • I miss AI all week and I’m mad about that.
  • I am going to cook my husband a yummy home cooked meal tonight and I can’t wait! 
  • 2 weeks from today I’ll be finding out if my baby is a hotdog or a cheeseburger and I can’t wait for that either!’

Happy weekend!!!

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  1. I also sucked my thumb until I was 11. One day I just decided I was done. That’ usually how I deal with things pending… they pend until one day that’s it, and there’s no turning back.

  2. I LOVE that song! Now I have it in my head. 🙂

    I also love how you keep referring to your child as a hotdog or a cheeseburger. Especially since we know how much you love hotdogs. (j/k) 😉


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