Hotel Motel

Last night my friend arrived to stay with us for the next two weeks.  She is transitioning from Seattle back home to….here. 

This weekend I spent washing the guest room bedding and making sure she would have fresh towels available in her room so she didn’t have to scout them out (because our house is SO big).

And when she arrived to her room, she was presented with this letter:

Welcome to Hotel De (insert our last name here)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Amelia!  We are so excited to have you stay here!  We hope you enjoy your stay and we would like to do everything possible to make you feel at home!

Here are a few tidbits of information you may need to know over the next two weeks:

1.  Yes your bed is clean, yes you have fresh towels, no there is not a chocolate on your pillow.  There is chocolate though, it’s in the kitchen in the form of a homemade chocolate chip cookies made by Rob.  Help yourself.

2.  You are not required to use the same “fresh” towels for the next two weeks, you are allowed to get “fresher” towels, just don’t ask, get them yourself, they are in the hall closet.

3.  You may wake up to a very large hairy black girl  in your bed at any time.  Do not be alarmed.  She lives here.  We recommend you keep your door shut at all times while sleeping unless you want to fight for your right to have room in your bed while sleeping.

4.  There is an extra blanket on the foot of your bed, and also more in the hall closet.  If you are cold, you might want to use these because we I am not putting the heat over 60.  We are not cheap.  I AM PREGNANT AND HOT ALL THE TIME.  Sorry for this inconvenience.


1.  Breakfast is served at………whenever you wake up and it’s in the fridge or cupboard.  Help yourself.

2.  Lunch:  See number 1.

3.  Dinner:  Tuesday it will be Spinach Chicken Salad….and I don’t know the rest of the menu because I AM PREGNANT AND I NEVER KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO WANT TO EAT.  Again….sorry.


1.  TV:  Lots of remotes.  You can do it.

2.  Books.

3.  Computer

4.  Star

5.  Washer and Dryer

Again, we enjoy you being here and hope you have a wonderful two weeks!!!

Come again.  (not really though because there will be crib where you bed is and that will be awkward when you try to sleep in it)


Hehehe.  I make Amelia laugh!

I would also like to share that I’m volunteering (sorry you have to highlight that post to read, I don’t know why some of my old posts are like that!) again this year.  I get the kindergartners, pm and am class!  I’m rather excited!

Happy Tuesday!  Only 3 days till Friday!


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  1. That’s such a cute welcome letter! Can I come stay at Hotel de Last Name? Hehe. 🙂

  2. Very cute letter. Enjoy your houseguest. I’ve never had anyone stay with me that long. My dad stayed with us for two nights last year, and that was our first overnight guest in forever.

  3. HAHAHA!! You remind me of Monica from Friends!!!

  4. What a cute little letter! That’s totally something I would do!


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