Letter Number Three

Dear Baby,

You are now approximately 9 inches long and 9 oz.  This is the first time I read an article that did not compare you to the size of a fruit or vegetable, but if I had to guess, I would guess you look like a giant carrot.  But who am I to say?

You are moving around so much lately and boy (or girl) have you had an exciting few weeks!  Not only have you started to hear us now, but you have also been to two major events in the last week!

The first one was the Red Wings game that your momma scored free tickets too!  Woot!  We sat 16 rows up from the ice and it was an excellent game with a final score of 3-1.  I think, maybe it was 4-1, I’m not really sure but the pretzel and diet coke was delish!  Going to a Red Wings game with your Daddy makes me wish you were a boy.

On Saturday we (you and I, Baby) attended Grease the musical with Jen and Hannah!  That was really entertaining and you were poking around a lot during the show.  Going to these girly events with girls makes me wish you were a girl.

But healthy is what I pray for the most.

I have also read that, not only can you hear, but you recognize the sound of my heartbeat and my bowel movements.  Oh my!  I guess if it soothes you…..it’s probably soothing me too!  But what’s really fun is that now your daddy can talk to you and you can start to listen to his voice too!  When you feel kisses on the belly Baby, it’s all him.

When you hear snoring on the belly, it’s Star.  She thinks you are there to be her pillow Baby and she loves to rest her head on you. 

You have been so good to my tummy over these last few weeks and mommy is so grateful!  No hotdog requests or strange cravings have popped into mind so you must be happy with what I’ve been feeding you,  and all the sweets you love!  You are killing me Baby!  But I love you, so if I must make homemade chocolate chip cookies every Sunday for my lunches everyday, then so be it!  I’m determined to be a good mommy!  Your daddy’s are better than mine though.  😉

I have woken with a sore belly these last few days, it feels as though it’s been streeeeeetching overnight, I suspect you are having growth spurts Baby and this makes me happy to know you are thriving right along on or ahead of schedule!

March 14th is a huge milestone for us Baby.  We are going to see you again on the ultrasound and hopefully see your business so we can start getting things gender ready!  Everyone is waiting patiently so get those legs spread okay?  And I promise that is the only time I’m going to encourage that.

So what’s it gonna be Baby?  Boy or Girl?

Don’t you think the readers should tell us what they think? 



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  1. OK, so I’m finally catching up on blog reading, and I read this post soon after you posted it. I commented on it, but it’s gone. It was a brilliant comment. I don’t know what happened to it, but I’m very disappointed.


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