In A Hurry…….

  • Wow.  It has been a crazy few days!  I am so behind on my blog reading and I hate that!!!  So here’s a quick update:
  • The ultrasound went beautifully and I still cannot express in words how awesome this doctors office is.  Baby Boy was all over the place and the ultrasound tech was cracking up because he was sitting in such a chillin’ position.  Once arm up with his hand under his neck, his feet crossed and his other arm/elbow resting on his knee.  She took printed pictures of his little feet and he was just so precious.  It was really important to me that his heart and internal organs were all normal and they all measured perfectly and they did!  He is healthy and on Saturday I was an emotional mess, in a good way.  It was like even though my feelings of worry were getting better, I knew that the 20 week ultrasound would be a huge milestone for me.  I feel so lucky.  Pictures will be posted soon.

  • On Friday after the ultrasound we learned that Robs brother and his girlfriend were getting married at the Justice Of the Peace on Monday (yesterday!) and we needed to be there at 1:30!  Woah!  Okay!  So we adjust our work schedules and all get there, it was lovely but different.  They were already planning a summer wedding but decided to move it up!  After that we all went to dinner and then after that, just the siblings went to a small bar to listen to an Irish band where we learned a little one is expected from them as well!  Wow, a lot to take in all at once.  We are still digesting it.  A lot to digest and way too much for a hurried post. 
  • Baby names:  Lucas Robert, Michael Robert, William Michael (Will).  We are not really dead set on any of the three.  We are thinking about waiting to see what he looks like first. 
  • Baby nursery:  this is funny actually.  I always thought if we had a boy that is nursery would be hockey.  Rob has played hockey all his life and I know this boy will be on skates as soon as he can walk so that was what I assumed.  We had also briefly talked about a jungle/alphabet like learning theme since I’ve bought and I’m ready to hang my pull down United States map!  (I plan to practice capitols before bedtime!) 🙂  Anyway, a few weeks ago when we visited Babies R Us, I was wandering through beddingville while Rob was checking out cribland.  I look up to see him waving me over frantically, “Sweetlips come here quick, this is it, this is the bedroom set!!!  This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!”  Okay, my husband just said, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen???  It better be cute!  And this is what I saw:


And he proceeds to tell me how cute the monkeys are, and aren’t they just the cutest and can we pleeeeeeeeeease have this set?  How can resist?  But, I had also sort of thought we would avoid painting by going with something red since the spare room is already half red….but oh no, Rob will be MORE THAN HAPPY to repaint that bedroom so that was that.

  • So that’s it for now.  Work is crazy.  I’ll be catching up on blogs soon I hope!


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  1. Lucas is cute and that nursery set is adorable! You two must be just SO excited!

  2. Those monkeys are indeed pretty dang cute.

    Would it be helpful or not helpful if I pointed out that Lucas Robert just makes me think of Lucas Roberts on Days of Our Lives? Probably not helpful, huh? Sorry. 🙂 Also, I should really stop parking myself in front of the NBC TV when I’m at the gym over lunch. (The problem is, I have very few alternative options. Fox News? NO…)

  3. That bedding IS cute, and I LOVE that Rob got so excited about it. How adorable. You guys are going to make awesome parents.

    Those names are adorable!

  4. Love the bedding – love even more that he thinks it’s “the cutest thing he’s ever seen!” Too Funny!


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