March 21

Today is Rob’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Sweetlips!  (not that he’s reading this)

This morning I got up and made him breakfast as I have done every year since we’ve been together.  This is only my 3rd birthday with him….wow, feels longer.  In a good way.

Rob does not make a big deal out of his birthday.  This year when I asked him what he wanted he said, “you are doing enough by carrying my child.”  Yeah, that’s sweet but whatever, I want to get him something!

Yesterday I remembered that he mentioned a shirt he saw at a local store that he liked.  After work I stopped there and picked it up for him with another shirt too.  I also got him a new travel coffee mug since he’s loves them even when he’s not traveling.  I almost left the lid at the store!  I shudder.  Since both of the shirts and the mug were Detroit Tigers themed (not on purpose), I kind of chuckled when I looked up and saw Detroit Tiger sippy cups for toddlers.  Yes, it’s a bit early for sippy cups but I thought they were cute so I bought those to throw in the bottom of his birthday surprise bag, and he liked them.  I thought they would be cute when he takes our son to his first game.  I also threw in a box of chocolate covered cherries (ew!) because well, he likes them. 

After breakfast this morning I made him open his presents and he was super excited and even said, “Wow Sweetlips, it’s like the stocking that never ends!”

And I’m not done because he also really wants a new wheel barrel, which I can’t get on my own being knocked up and all so we are going to pick it up tomorrow. 

His gift to himself is yesterday and today taken as vacation days so he can enjoy the goodness that is March Madness.  I don’t get it but hey, it’s his birthday. 

On another note, we are really struggling with names for this baby boy of ours.  We spent 2.5 hours last night (no lie!) going through a baby book of names, which while a lot of laughs were had, we still only came up with 5 names, 1 of which he thinks we can’t use and 1 of which I’m not feeling very much so I don’t know…….this kid might be called No Name, or as Rob said last night Poh Boi (his spelling for Poor Boy) since we also had a conversation about something that was hilarious and I won’t go into here.  Hehehe.  I giggle. 

I know I’m a slacker in posting the ultrasound pics but I’ve been busy.  I’ll be leaving early today so I’ll get them scanned today I’m hoping and post them soon!  Baby Boy can’t WAIT to have his junk on the internet, I’m sure!  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!

*Update:  I think I smell like bacon. 

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  1. hello. I quite enjoy your diary. :]

  2. Good luck with the baby names. I would totally go back and forth, probably even after I had named my child. LOL. 😉 Hope everything is going well. Take care….


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