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Gosh, Monday morning, 8:00 am already?  I don’ t know.  Whoever made up this 5 day work week/2 days off thing was crazy or didn’t have to work or something. 

I’ve been at work for 1.5 hours and I feel I’ve accomplished enough to go home and still feel accomplished while I lounge on the couch and watch tv. 

But that wouldn’t be fun either because THERE IS NOTHING ON TV and I hate it right now.  I don’t think I have ever in my life said I HATE tv.  But I do right now.

Last night because there was nothing on tv, I dug through some paperwork and pamphlets from my first appointment with my nurse for this pregnancy and found the phone number we need to book our Learn How to Have a Baby class at the hospital, um….yeah a couple of the pictures in that pamphlet made me rethink ever actually pushing this baby out.  He’s cozy, I won’t have to worry about my waistline like, EVER again….seems like a win win to me, no?

But before I keep rambling, can you believe it’s like time to schedule our Learn How to Have a Baby class already?

I don’t like to think much about it, I’d rather just deal with it when my water breaks, and at that point I’ll be just wishing this baby was OUT and not really caring what route he takes to get there, you know?  And who cares if things rip, snap or break along the way just GET HIM OUT.  Oh and the pain, yeah for some reason I keep thinking I can get through it without drugs but I think this is one of those times that I have definitely lost my mind and will find it again real soon at that first shot of pain I feel.

It amazes me how much reading this stuff in a book, on the internet, or even those pamphlets teach me something EVERY TIME I read them even if I’ve already read something about it.  And because I’m so nervous about breastfeeding, I have been reading an over abundance of that information, but I finally feel relaxed, I think I can figure it out. 

This weekend was a major downer with the SNOW storm on Friday.  Rob had a good birthday though.  He had one of those never ending birthday weekends, in my opinion the best kind, where there was celebration on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday.  All in all it was good. 

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  1. Glad to hear Rob had a good birthday. I really can’t believe it’s already time for your classes. How exciting!!!


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