• I went to the grocery store on Tuesday.  I had to pick up my ingredients for my samples that we will be taste testing tonight for a Taste!fully S!mple party I’m hosting.  Going to the grocery store is not my confession.  Stealing 2 packages of cream cheese is my confession.  Yep, I stole 2 packages of cream cheese.  I forgot to put them on the belt.  When I got out to my car and picked up the bag to put in the car, I noticed 2 lonely cream cheeses in the back corner of the cart and initially I thought they fell out of the bag.  I started thinking on my drive home that I didn’t recall putting them on the belt and sure enough when I checked my receipt, I had indeed stole them.  I started to feel guilty but then I remembered this one time years ago when they still sold stamps at the lanes, and how I paid for the stamps but the check out girl never gave me the stamps when she opened her drawer.  So really, I didn’t steal those cream cheeses, they have actually been in debt to me this whole time, I just finally broke even.  Oh, and also I’m pregnant and therefore cannot be held accountable for any type of mishaps.
  • I got a Christmas present yesterday.  Rob got me a gift card to Barnes & No!ble and I finally used it yesterday is what I really mean.  My instructions to Rob at Christmas time was that I was wanting this one specific book and that if he could not find that book, it was okay just get me a gift cert and I’ll find it myself.  I am totally cool with gift certs.  He got me both.  I was secretly happy about that.  I decided to save the gift cert since I knew I was prego and I was thinking I was going to buy a “nutrition” type book after the baby comes to inspire me to lose weight (or pray osmosis would take over by holding it up to my body).  Anyway, that was my plan.  And then my plan changed.  Because who needs a book anyway?  I know what I need to do!  I am not afraid!  I have lost weight before!  So instead I bought another book.  A book that I’m not embarrassed to say I bought AT ALL.  Okay, a little.  I bought (gulp) sTORI Telling by um…Tori Spelling.  Hey, where are you going??  Come back!!!  I promise I’m not crazy.  I am pregnant though and therefore cannot be held accountable for anything I do within these 9 months.
  • It’s probably not a good idea while pregnant to host a party that involves making samples for invitees to sample.  I’m just saying.  If there is not enough key lime cheeseball to go around, don’t come crying to me. 
  • My friend used to work by me.  We used to go to lunch (not often enough if you ask me) and one of our favorite places was Rub!y Tues!day for the salad bar.  Well, she has since gotten a new job and moved across town so now I eat in.  But I do really miss that salad bar very much.  Yesterday I decided to hop out of my shell and stop in there for a to go salad bar that I could bring back to my office.  I want to go there every day.  That was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.  I wanted to lick the styromfoam container clean.  I’m not really sure this is a confession but I’ve never wanted to lick anything clean before.
  • I love to clean.  I love to get things organized and I usually like to get it all done, no help really needed, rarely need to ask.  But secretly?  Secretly I love that Rob jumps into help so much while I’m pregant.  And that when I ask he jumps up like a fire is under his ass.  Hehehe.  Makes me want to leave Baby Boy in forever.  Well, that’s just one of the reasons.
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  1. I love that you can blame all these little mishaps on the pregnancy! Grocery store theft? Pregnancy! That’s fantastic! And the extra help around the house doesn’t hurt either, I’m sure!

  2. I agree with Stephanie. Too funny.

    Let us know if the Tori Spelling book is any good. Or (more likely) if it is so bad that it is good.

  3. I don’t know him (or you), but from your blogging stories, Rob is going to be the cutest — and proudest — father ever. Love it!

  4. I’ve tagged you my dear. Check out my blog post for today! 😉


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