Meme of Us

I totally stole this! And I like how she said, “for my husband who complains I don’t write about him enough!” My husband would say, “quit putting stories of me on the internet!” But then I tell him how I always get the most hits when I write about him and how my “My Husband” page gets the most views and then he quits pouting. Because he as to win everything. But I don’t mind, because I love him like that.

The Meme of Us

How long have you been together?  2 years, 336 days. I’m not sure if I figured that out right. Anyway, 3 years on April 16th.

How long did you date?  Dated for 351 days, engaged for 7 months.

How old is he?  He is 31. He is younger than me by 2 months and 7 days.

Who eats more?  Definitely him. Seriously. He is constantly, as he likes to put it, “hungarian.” Which he stole from me, btw. But to his credit he has now made up his own version that he likes to use when I’m upset, and that would be, “Sweetlips, don’t be angarian.”

Who said ‘I love you’ first?  Well, this is a good one. Hypothetically. Let’s just say you meet this guy, and he’s wonderful and everything you ever wanted and everything is perfect in your life. You are so smitten that you can barely eat and so one night when you get to meet his friends you drink too much wine (and your stomach is empty) and you tell his good friends wife that you love him. You will hope and pray that she does not reveal this information but you are stupid because OF COURSE she would tell him. And he does tell her that he loves you too, but instead of telling you, he will use it against you for a week and torture you that he knows you have something you want to say, so just spit it out. You will shutter daily and wish you had never opened your big fat mouth. And then one night he might look at you and say, “I know you blank me.” And you will die of embarrassment but then decide, screw it! Yes, I love you SO WHAT!! And because he thinks he’s funny he will not respond to that until the next night when finally he will say, “Guess what? I love you too!”

I’m just saying, don’t let this happen to you.

Who is taller?  He is. Yummy!

Who is smarter?  We are even. Rob is very smart and what I like to call, a sponge for useless information. I mean, not completely useless but he knows EVERYTHING. I am smart about everything completely the opposite of what he is smart about. And he won’t even get mad if you are in a restaurant with stuffed animal heads on the wall and you say, “wow, that’s a really big yam.”

“You mean RAM.”

“Ha!  Oops, I thought that it didn’t sound right in my head but I just went with it.”

Who does the laundry?  Me. He is allowed to do is own, but it’s just more efficient when I do them all together. And last time he did them all together my sweater from the Gap exited the dryer a size small enough to fit my friends 10 year old daughter.

Who does the dishes?  This is pretty even. We kind of end up doing them together because whoevers (I don’t think that’s a word but whatever) turn it is, the other one ends up standing there talking and I think we both think it’s rude to stand there and watch so we help out.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?  Me.

Who pays the bills?  We both use our money to pay the bills. I actually pay the bills because Rob would just keep thinking we were rich and our bank account just magically keeps increasing without realizing that yes, we do have to pay for like, the heat and the mortgage. I don’t mean to make him sound bad, but this is one area that I would consider me “smarter” in than him. And I just mean that I am very disciplined at saving money and budgeting and Rob would rather by everyone dinner, or pay for every round, or impulse buy at every chance he gets. He admits this and is actually very thankful to me for controlling our finances. It can be stressful sometimes but he is very supportive and I always keep him in the loop of what we buy, how much money we have in each account and what we are saving for etc. We also have a rule that we cannot spend over 100 dollars without permission from the other. We end up asking anyway even if it’s below 100.

Who mows the lawn?  Rob is def in charge of the yard.  I will mow if he’s out of town and the grass has reached that length that I know will be way too long by the time he gets home.

Who cooks dinner? I cook. But I also love to cook so this isn’ t a chore for me. What’s interesting though is Rob always claimed he couldn’t cook, but I’m finding out more and more what a BIG FAT LIAR he is. Only about the cooking thing. He can do enough cooking that sometimes I walk in after work and dinner is being prepared, and I like it.

Who is more stubborn?  Oh yeah, this is indeed me!!!

Who kissed who first?  Me. ME. ME!!!!!!! We were at the same place that my brother was at and I knew he would not make a move with my brother there. The minute the bro left, I was all up on his lips like white on rice!! He liked it.

Who asked who out?  He asked me out. But he did not kiss me on our first date and I thought for sure he didn’t like me. I was wrong. 🙂

Who proposed?  Rob. And do you want to know a secret I have never shared on here before? I was naked when he proposed. And I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. So he could not get down on one knee or he would have been staring right into my whoha and so he opted to stay laying down. See how that’ s too much info? I’m not sure what I’ll tell our children when they ask if Dad got down on one knee. “No son, your mom was a horny girl so when she saw the candles she assumed it was time to get some, boy was she wrong!”

Who is more sensitive? Oh he would kill me, but I would have to say him. I am too, but I can play really cold hearted if I have to. And it kills him. He cannot stand to be in an argument or not to be close, so I would say him.

Who has more friends?  We cannot go anywhere without Rob seeing someone he knows. Me? I know I won’t run into my friends because I pretty much know where they are at all times. He has more friends, and he does have a few close ones, but I have fewer friends that are closer to me than my family.

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  1. MS

     /  March 28, 2008

    you guys are so dang cute. Your proposal makes me laugh. Naked…You naughty girl.

  2. We’re the same way about spending money. Neither of buys much of anything without running it by the other person. One of my coworkers has separate accounts than his spouse, and talks about her paying him back for this, and things like that. I don’t know how you run a marriage/household that way. I don’t really want to, either.

  3. I love this.

  4. Wow, you guys have only been together a couple years and are married AND with child?! I’ve been with Mark for almost FOUR YEARS and he is STILL just my boyfriend. SHEESH! Anyway, you two are quite adorable.

  5. I love these things! They’re so fun to read.

    Your proposal story is funny too — and so is MS’s comment!


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