What happens when you don’t go grocery shopping…

Last Friday and Saturday you eat TS samples  for dinner.

On Sunday you go to your dads who is making dinner for your husband anyway.

You eat no breakfast on Monday and end up heating up a frozen pizza for dinner.

Tuesday you eat no breakfast, Subway for lunch and tatertots for dinner.

Wednesday you eat no breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and KFC for dinner.  Except you only eat the chicken because you are not that hungry.

Thursday you eat Subway for lunch AGAIN.  No breakfast again either.

Thursday night you going to get off your lazy ass and go to the grocery store (try not to steal anything this time!) because this is the worst cycle ever and you are starting to hate yourself because you are allowing this to happen and you understand you are not perfect but eating this way is not your idea of a healthy pregnancy diet whatsoever and you are embarrassed of your actions and how you are feeding your unborn child.

I have not had a piece of fruit since last Thursday.  My child is probably lacking all of his nutrients and I am a horrible mother. 


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  1. Ach! Don’t skip breakfast! Bring some dry cereal with you to work to munch on or something – Baby needs it! 🙂

  2. Stacey

     /  April 3, 2008

    I know. I do eat my “lunch” though at like 10 and that’s about when I actually get hungry. Still not good though.


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