Wonderful World

I picked up Baby Boy’s bedding Friday during my lunch.  When I arrived home Rob had the spare room cleaned out, swept and ready for painting.  We went to the closest Me!nards and picked out the paint.  It ended up being something we weren’t looking for but it matches his bedding so perfect that we couldn’t resist.  It’s also really easy when they have the color combos together on those little samples so it pretty much does all the work for you except paint the room.  The colors are, Basketweave, Northern Climb and Conifer.  I made chicken enchilada’s for dinner and then Rob had the wonderful idea of getting out our fire pit and having a fire with the just the two of us Friday night so that’s just what we did.  It was wonderful, even if I was wearing my hat and gloves.  Sometimes I wonder if we will ever run out of things to talk about but it never seems to happen. 

Saturday morning we slept in a little, I love the way sitting in front a fire for a few hours makes you sleep so hard.  Rob started the taping process to paint the room and I left to meet a friend for a walk.  After a good 3 mile hike I returned home and started my own project of cleaning out my closet.  I filled 2 rubbermaid bins with Fall/Spring/Winter prebaby clothes.  I labeled them into 2 areas.  1.  Can probably wear soon after baby.  2.  Most definitely will take longer.  I will say that just for fun, or torture, I tried on a pair of prebaby jeans and I could get them on and buttoned!  They were not suitable for wear, of course.  But I button them! 

After that project Rob had the nursery about finished.  And soon after our friends called that are passing down baby stuff to us, and we headed over to their house to pick up the goods.  We are so lucky!  We returned home and Rob finished one last coat in the nursery while I started the grill for hamburgers.  After dinner Rob took a break and I laid down for an hour nap.  I woke up to my mom and sister stopping by to drop off even more baby stuff!  It’s so wonderful that everyone is so good to us!  After that I went online to clean up our registry a bit and to take off a few things and also add one or two.

I went back upstairs to find Rob getting the fire pit ready again so we could spend another beautiful evening in front of it, and I decided to make my yummy chex mix as a snack.

Sunday morning my friend picked me up with her son and we headed to a trail to walk while our husbands were off golfing.  When she dropped me off and hour and a half later I grabbed a book and sat in the sun waiting for Rob.  We heated up leftover enchiladas for lunch and I decided to partake in a glorious afternoon nap with the windows open.  The breeze was glorious.

We topped the weekend with a stroll to the icecream shop where I had the best soft serve strawberry icecream concoction ever and Rob got his usual, Reece’s Pieces flurry with chocolate icecream.

I’m really into strawberries right now.

I love my life.  🙂

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  1. Your weekend sounds great! I need to get me one of those Rob dudes, my bathroom needs painting! ; )

  2. I love reading about all your baby preparation.

    It sounds like you had a fun, relaxing weekend! I am glad the weather was so nice here, but then it snowed this morning. Boo.

  3. WOW, all of that DOES sound quite glorious! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  4. And I love how much you’re loving your life. Living vicariously through you is too much fun!

  5. I love your life too! It’s so fun to read about!

    K always gets the Reese’s stuff too. K and Rob sound a lot alike.

    Two pictures I want to see: (1) the nursery, all painted! (2) an updated baby bump!


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