No time for a title…

Runneth over?  More like SPRINTETH OVER!

When I got pregnant my bra size was….(yeah, I’m about to say it!) 36 B/34 C. 

Do you know what size bra I’m wearing today?

36DD.  As in double dog GIANT people. 

And the milk isn’t even here yet, can you imagine?

Sweet Mary Mother Of God.


Party at the Crib

Baby Boy’s nursery is almost complete.  We picked out his furniture this weekend and the crib is assembled and awaiting his arrival.  His dresser is still at the warehouse and will be shipped in 7-14 days.  I did not take pictures because I refuse until the room is complete.  But!  I will show you what we purchased with the pictures from the website, good enough for now?  I thought so.

Okay, and now I have to go because my boss just called and she’s on her way over to give me my review.

More to post but it will have to wait!


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  1. The only part of me that really grew when I was pregnant was my belly. Picutres of me at 9 months pregnant looked like the same old me with a basketball stuffed in my shirt (or an 8 pound baby). 🙂

  2. Lovely furniture! I bet your hubby is enjoying the body change ; )

  3. MS

     /  April 14, 2008

    That furniture is sharp. Will look cute in your room!

  4. The furniture is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see pictures of the room all put together.

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that furniture. That’s so what I would pick too.

    You’ve got great taste!


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