Make My Ears Happy

My step-sister called me yesterday and left me a message.  She’s offered to watch Baby Boy full time for free.  HOW SWEET IS THAT??  And she doesn’t even know what a pile of crap my MIL is, she’s just offering out of the kindness of her heart.  And the best part of the message, “I just thought it might help and save you guys money.”  I told her that we had two days covered and that we would LOVE to have her watch him the other three.  We didn’t tell her yet, but we are going to pay her.  I think three days deserves some sort of pay and it will certainly be a lot less then then the center which was about ready to be a new monthly bill of 656 dollars. 

And how fun that Baby Boy will get to chill with his cousin all day.  She has a 1 year old boy. 

Want to play a fun game and guess who will never ever ever ever watch my child, not even for one hour?

I would send a prize to the winner but then I’d be sending A LOT of prizes. 


I’m totally on cloud nine today too because this morning someone said to me, “You are just the cutest pregnant lady!” 

I wanted to run and jump into her arms.  Hehehe.  🙂


And guess what else?

Somebody is leaving.

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  1. MS

     /  May 13, 2008

    that is great news! Your step-sister sounds like a sweetie. And that sounds like a better plan. Now you can rest easy and wait for your little guy to get here. Can’t wait.

  2. You ARE the cutest pregnant lady!!!

  3. Free babysitting! Wow, what a great day you had!

  4. What a wonderful, WONDERFUL day! Yay!


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