Because I don’t have enough posts about poop, I swear. 

Last Friday, (yeah I’m just getting to last Friday because I had all that fun MIL drama that took precedence.  If anything takes precedence over poop, that would be it, I guess) when I got home from work, Rob was telling me how bad Star was farting.  Uh oh, I thought….yeah this dog does let the occasional one rip but when it’s like it was on Friday….I know something isn’t right.  I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me an explosion is in our near future.  We even had a few friends stop by that evening who had to constantly cover their noses and ask, “What the hell?”

Hi, our dog has gas. 

Because of my hunch, I did not let her sleep with us.  I put her in her kennel in the laundry room (cement floor), but just so you know her kennel is sans door because she houdini’d it off and since then we just leave her in that room while we are at work. 

Saturday morning I woke up quite early and took a shower, after my shower I headed down to let her out to finish up the morning in bed with Rob.  The minute I hit the top of the stairs, I smelled it. 


“Rob.  Poop.  Poop is everywhere.”

Luckily it was confined to a cement floor but still, it had to be cleaned.  For some reason Rob thought I shouldn’t be around that much poop in my condition, which was odd, but I took him up on it and went for my morning walk leaving him with massive amounts of poop to clean and a floor to bleach.

We are still not sure what made her sick.  She was better by Sunday morning though.

My point of this is how ON my instincts were and how I’m going to ROCK at being a mom.

At least in the poop department.

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  1. I know pregnant women are supposed to avoid cat poop, but dog…I don’t know. Hubby usually took care of it, though. I am the one with the nose for poop at our house. When our son was in diapers, hubby never seemed to smell it (even though he certainly changed his share of them). When the dog has an accident in the house, I smell it as soon as we walk in the door, whereas hubby does not know until he actually sees it. Apparently I am blessed with a nose for poop. 🙂

  2. Aww! You managed to close a story about a disgusting poop event in a cute little uplifting way. Props to you! 🙂

    Bad dog gas is the WORST! K and I spent Thanksgiving with some friends a couple years ago, and she had the worst gas ever. It was ridiculous. She was totally clearing rooms. We couldn’t figure out what was causing it — until our friends realized she’d gotten into the trash and eaten the remains of the turkey, which had been in the trash for several hours.

    Glad Star is better now!


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