Bump 29: It’s a little fishy

Rob had the day off Friday while I worked so somehow he ended up wandering around Hom!e D!epot aimlessly and calling me to tell me what he had found that he would like to buy.  First off he found some really cool knobs for a coat shelf that we bought for the Baby Boy’s room but they needed to be ordered and he really wished I was there to see them because they were so cool.  I wasn’t there though so then he sent me a picture text that I had to get up and go outside to get because my phone has no reception.  He was right, they were cute.  I called him back and suggested we go back there when I get out of work to place the order.  He proceeds to tell me about an air compressor that’s on sale that comes with 2 nail guns that he apparently needs for his power tool collection and I tell him to buy it.  I found out later he was actually pulling OUT OF THE PARKING LOT and turned around to go back and get it after I told him he could.  I came home later to find Baby Boy’s room complete.  Map hung, new blinds up, corner round installed (with new nail gun).  He went on and on about his new nail gun and how the second one that came with the purchase is for framing houses…I don’t get it.  I asked him why he couldn’t just hammer in nails the old fashion way and he gave me a look that….you know is that look that I would probably give him if he asked why hair conditioner is so important or something.  I don’t know.  We went back to the Depot and bought the hooks, 2 hanging flower baskets, and his wheel barrel that I still owed him from his birthday.  Let a man buy a air compressor nail gun thingy and give him a new wheel barrel in the same day and he will melt in the palm of your hand.  It was rather difficult to get him to go the movie we planned on though because he wanted to stay home and nail something while wheel barrelling ANYTHING around the yard. 

Saturday morning I was up at 7:30 to hit the grocery store while he got up to wait for the arrival of his nephews.  We watched them all day Saturday into Sunday morning and it was…well…exhausting to say the least.  The weather people kept saying rain for Saturday so we had a couple of different ideas planned, bowling if it rained, the carnival at the nearby church if it didn’t.  Well it didn’ t, so after my walk with Amelia, I went up to the bank to get cash for the carnival.  I got out 40 bucks, I figured that’s enough for a few games, one or two rides and maybe a snack.

I think we were there 20 minutes and the 40 bucks was gone.  But WAIT!  There’s more! 

We became the proud parents of these little guys:

The thing is, THEY LOST THE GAME THEY WERE PLAYING THAT WON THEM THESE FISH.  Or LOST them these fish or something like that.  But the stupid carni guy STILL gave them the fish.  We were like, “NO, really it’s OKAY.”  But carni man insisted.  So then the entire walk back home was filled with,

“Aunt Stacey, we can leave these fish at your house right?  Right Aunt Stacey?  I mean your baby will love them, and then we can come visit and wow this is so cool.”

Um, Aunt Stacey don’t want no fish, people.  How do you tell FISH that they will be “sleeping with the fishes”, when they will just respond, “Cool dude, like that’s our usual gig.” 


We still don’t have fish food so last night I gave them old hamburger buns.  They didn’t seem to mind.  I have a feeling they will be dead by Friday.  Say your hello’s and goodbye’s to them now.  I’m not naming them so that it will lessen the blow of being attached when they do pass.  DO YOU KNOW THAT EVEN WRITING THAT HAS GUILT STRICKEN ME??  Damn it!  Who is going to watch them this weekend?  We are going camping! 

On Sunday my good friend came over to take maternity photos of me, Rob and Baby Boy.

Here’s a sample:

In case you are counting, that’s baby bump week 29.

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  1. “Aunt Stacey don’t want no fish.” HAHAHA.

    That photo is adorable!

  2. Of course you bring the fish camping WITH you. Heh.

    Memorial Day weekend camping. Ick. I avoid weekends like that. The less busy, the better. 🙂 But have fun!

  3. I love that picture. So cute!

    And speaking of so cute, Rob just keeps getting more adorable.

    As for the fish, you don’t have to watch them when you leave. That’s why fish make awesome pets. You can even buy food that will feed them for a few days while you’re gone. But since I’m playing catch up and got a glimpse of the subject of your most recent post, I’m guessing you won’t need that info for now. But, you know, maybe for next time you take nephews to a carnival. 🙂

  4. Love the bump photo!! Ah… fish!


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