Letter Number Six

Dear Baby Boy,

Oh my little monkey, what a fun 7th month we are in aren’t we?  We have come so far and I can’t believe we only have 11 short weeks left.  I am so excited to meet you, hold you, smell you, kiss your little baby toes (unless they smell like daddy’s) and just gobble you up in little pieces.  My heart almost bursts from my chest just thinking about it. 

This month has continued to be exciting as I get to know you even more.  You already seemed to be on a schedule and your movements and kicks get more profound and harder with each new week.  I enjoy feeling every single one.  Daddy finally got to feel it too, and he was very proud to feel how strong you really are in there.  Even if it means these strong movements include doing little jigs on my bladder.  Okay, not jigs….because it creeps your daddy out to think you are jigging around in there, we’ll go with practicing your hockey plays, yeah…..that’s it.  My favorite time is when me or your daddy start rubbing the belly and you start moving.  I love that you are responding to us even if it is just coincidence. 

Daddy finished your nursery this month.  Everything is finally in it’s place and just patiently waiting your arrival.  And when I say patiently, I mean it.  You just stay put until you are good, ready and plump enough to make it out here in this big world.  A lot of people continue to be very curious on our name choice and think we are big meanies for not telling, but the truth is Baby Boy, we don’t know it yet.  We are working on it though and promise you will have a name before you come home. 

The pool is already in the works for your arrival.  What can I say?  The people I work with will do anything to score a little extra cash!  Mommy picked August 7th, so keep that in mind, okay?  I promise if we win, it’s presents all around!  I must say we have these people in the palm of our hands, yes we do.

We are still just eating pretty normal and have not had any major cravings.  Heartburn has set it a bit in the last two weeks but Mommy is okay with it because it means you are growing and pushing my tummy up too far.  Mommy gets really full really fast, so I’m trying to do my best at keeping you satisfied but it can be hard.  If you eat anything like your daddy, I’m sure it’s not enough. 

That’s it for now, my son.  It’s basically onward and upward to getting you finished cooking and out of there in 11 weeks. 

Lots of kisses on baby toes,


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  1. My birthday is August 2nd…just sayin’. 🙂

    I like that you told him to wait until he’s nice and plump. People often say things like “I can’t wait for this baby to just come out already.” I never felt that way. I didn’t want my baby to come until it was TIME for him to come. Not earlier for my convenience. 🙂

  2. Ah! So precious. 🙂

    In case you didn’t know, K and I are both August babies. Your little boy will find himself in some awesome company. 😉


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