Life Lesson

A week or so ago, Rob and I were laying around and he proceeds to tell me the story that involved the last restaurant we had ate at just that evening.

Rob: “So I walk in the bathroom, eyes down, hand on zipper, ready to pull down, I pull it down and glimpse up just enough to see the sign…”

Stacey: “Wait, eyes down?”

Rob: “Yeah eyes down, you NEVER walk into a mens bathroom with eyes looking straight on….so anyway, I see this sign “OUT OF ORDER” but it’s like too late because my…”

Stacey: “Donger.”

Rob: “Yeah, (eye roll) my donger is about half way out. Now I have to tuck it all back in and find another place to go.”

Stacey: “What’s the point?”

Rob: “That if a man put that sign in there they should make it bigger or put it in a spot where guys will actually see it because no one is going see it until there right up there like I was….”

Stacey: “Donger out.”

Rob: “Right.”

Stacey: “Why wouldn’t you see it?”

Rob: “Because you just don’t walk into a bathroom like that looking all around.”

Stacey: “Who says?”

Rob: “No one says, you just know, as a man, you just don’t do it and you NEVER make eye contact.”

Stacey: “So, how will our son know this? Will you tell him?”

Rob: “No, he’ll figure it out fast the first time he does make eye contact, he’ll get the look and he’ll just know.”

Stacey: “Weird.”

Rob: “I know, they need to move that sign.”

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  1. MS

     /  May 22, 2008

    that’s great. They need stalls to pee in. Why urinals? Who wants to pee out in the open. Dongers out and all. Just sayin’.

  2. Almost every time my son uses a public bathroom, I take him in. We try to avoid the whole public urinal thing for now. It creeps the heck out of me, and I don’t want my son in there the one time a weirdo doesn’t walk in “eyes down”. When hubby takes him in, he brings him to a stall.

  3. caitlin0210

     /  May 22, 2008

    I just found your blog linking from Suze’s blog. Anyway, this really made me laugh. It reminds me of conversations I have had with my husband about what goes on in men’s rooms. Apparently they just let ’em rip whenever they want in there!

  4. Men! They really are from another planet aren’t they?

  5. Oh, how funny. I’ve had some hilarious conversations with K and another couple about differences in men’s & women’s restrooms. Girls are too scared to do anything but pee. Evidently if a guy is … well, destroying a stall, they’ll say something like, “Man, what’d you eat? I’m not ordering that!”

    If I were ever absolutely horrifyingly sick enough to do that in a public stall (which, for the record, almost been there before. still held it.), I’d be MORTIFIED if some girl cracked a joke about it!

    Oh, how different the bathroom cultures are. 🙂

  6. portmanteaux says : I absolutely agree with this !


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