Stand By Her

There is this little old lady (so cute) who lives 3 houses down across the street from us.  Just this Spring I noticed she had a dog, which I think is a new addition as I have never seen him before.  He’s pretty scary looking although I’m not sure of his breed.  Or HER breed, I’m not sure of that either.   Anyway this little old lady is outside often puttering around her yard and let me tell you….this dog?  He just follows her around and if she stops, he stops, if she turns around, he turns around, he does not let her out of his sight.  I think it is so freakin cute and if anyone tries to even touch this lady you know that dog is ready to seriously rip some balls off.  Yesterday Rob and I were walking our dog and when we walked by we exchanged hellos and she just kinda turned to her dog and in her little sweet old lady voice said, “Stay sweetie, stay.”  Uh huh, but you know if she was like, “Sick balls, sweetie, sick balls.”  He would.  Awesome.

Speaking of “sicking balls”, do you think I could teach Star how to do that?  I wonder, would she protect me if I was in danger?  Please tell me she would.  As of lately I have felt very frightened in my own house and after some disturbing news this weekend and watching the SCARIEST movie I have ever seen….I’m ready to buy a gun.  Although I would never, I say it like I would.  You all know about the log and the light bulb right?  Well, recently there was another peculiar incident that I did my best to ignore until this weekend.  About 2 weeks ago, actually it was the night of Star’s unfortunate explosive diarrhea incident, Rob had gone out with a friend for a few beers and Amelia was over with me chatting.  When the guys came back to the house we all chatted for a bit but soon both guests left and it was just me and Rob.  Rob was tired and headed to bed so I proceeded to put Star in lock down due to a potential explosive diarrhea situation, which turned me into a credited psychic, and close up the house for the night.  When I came up the stairs I DISTINCTLY recall shutting the back door and locking it while shutting off the lights.  During my peaceful slumber I wake up to pee and when I walk out I see the kitchen light on in full force and as I come around the corner the back door is wide open.  WTF?  I ask Rob who claims not having a clue and I chalk it up to him sleep walking but it still didn’t make sense. 

Jump forward to this weekend when Rob is getting ready Saturday night to go watch the hockey game and he stops and says to me, “Can I tell you something if you promise not to get upset?” 

Okay, what kind of question is that?  A stupid one.  But I say sure because I want to know…HELLO?

“I was talking to John across the street today.  He told me has a seen a silver Tahoe parked in front of our houses a few times and the last time he called the police.”

“What?  Why?”  Now it’s my turn to potentially have EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.

“Well, he had a radio come up missing from the inside of his house and this truck was out there really late, like between 2 and 3 am, he even documented the dates and I guess there’s a guy who just sits in there.  So he called the police this last time and police came by and talked to him and when John called them back the police told John he said he was waiting to pick someone up.”

Did you read what I wrote earlier?  My husband tells me this RIGHT BEFORE HE LEAVES ME ALONE FOR THE NIGHT TO GO WATCH A WINGS GAME.  And also?  We went to the movies on Friday night and saw THE STRANGERS and now I’m officially afraid of being alone. 

So then Saturday night I went to bed when Rob got home.  I woke up at 4am to find myself alone in bed and so I laid there for a minute contemplating on getting up to go find him and bring him in from the couch or wondering if everyone in my house was murdered and if I get up, will I get murdered too?

I see a light go on through the cracks in the door.  I wonder if Rob is up and coming to bed.  He doesn’t.  I finally get up and walk out to find the nursery light on and Rob asleep on the couch and once again THE BACK DOOR WIDE OPEN.

The next morning I talk to Rob about it and I try to think logically.  Star would protect us right?  I mean, she was on the on the couch with Rob when I got up to find the light on, I DOUBT she would just let a stranger walk in….RIGHT?  And also, if you were going to break into someones house, would you pick a house that had a large white van in front with clear letters that say SECURITY SYSTEMS?  I know I wouldn’t, but I’m not a robber/killer so I don’t know.  And you know when that van is gone because someones husband is constantly in Ann Arbor, then yeah, I would break in and kill the pregnant lady because she can’t move fast and is a perfect target. 

Me?  Afraid.  Star?  Slacker.  I want to steal that old lady’s dog.  I bet he’s not a slacker.  Nope.

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  1. Oh my gosh; that’s very scary. I’ve got to think your dog would do SOMETHING to let you know if there was an intruder…Maybe you should invest in a security system…

  2. OMG I would be soooo afraid!

  3. Is your back door wide open as in someone totally could have walked right in??? I would definitely call the police and report all this stuff! If nothing else, maybe they will increase patrols in your area.

    Just seeing the previews for The Strangers freaked me the heck out, so I think you are very brave for watching the whole movie.

  4. Stacey

     /  June 2, 2008

    R-I totally wanted to get up and leave that movie but there is noway Rob would allow that after we paid 17.50 to see it!

  5. MS

     /  June 2, 2008

    That’s is creepy. Star better wake up!

  6. I saw that movie too this weekend – scared the crap out of me. I still don’t understand how two people with a big ole shotgun got killed by three people that had no gun. Idiots. I would have TOTALLY survived if I were in that movie!!!!

  7. A

     /  June 3, 2008

    Eeeeee. Freaky! I think Star has the killer instinct. If nothing else, she’s a big dog and any big dog would make an intruder nervous.

  8. Star barked, though, when there was a murder. It was the baby she slept through, right? If I’m remembering correctly, she proved herself.

    But this is very, very scary. I’d definitely be installing deadbolts on that back door. I’m so glad your neighbor has at least called the cops.



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