When you’re frustrated, use these kind of bullets

If you haven’t read yesterdays post, I suggest you do, otherwise this post will not make any sense.  I’m about to update you on the status of all the crap I had to deal with and how it’s not done because this week is just insane.  I can’t wait for 2:30 on Friday.  I just said this week is insane and it’s only TUESDAY. 

I would like to first start out with how when I walked into work today, as in 10 minutes ago, a guy I have never seen held open the door for me and said, “Wow, getting a little porky huh?”

WHAT THE HELL?  I am not PORKY you dumbass, I’m PREGNANT.  Which means, I’m actually growing ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IN MY BODY RIGHT NOW, what’s he doing, saving up for winter?  Trust me dude, you could make it two winters and not starve, okay? 

Dumb fucker.  Yes, this is definitely a dumb fucker moment.  Dumb ass just doesn’t suffice.

Okay, let’s move on.

  • I went to the bank yesterday and filled out my dispute papers.  I won’t see my money till Friday or Monday which means….


  • I have to use the money from my other bank and account which I don’t like to do and I have no way to access my savings unless I go to the bank which I can’t because….


  • Today I have to be home by 4:00 to wait for the DTE Energy guy to come and read our meter because it’s broken.  He’ll be there between 4 and 6. 


  • I did find a great deal through A!T&T for our internet and cable.  I can’t wait to tell Com!cast to kiss my ass.  AT&!T will be at our house Friday between noon and 2.  Funny how I couldn’t get through to anyone at Com!cast when I tried to call about our service, but I bet you when I try to cancel, a rep will be available. 


  • I returned Rob’s shorts.  No hassle. 


  • Hom!e Depo!t actually called ME yesterday to tell me my special order is on back order with the vendor and I can either get my money back or wait.  Thank you SCOTT, it’s so nice of you to call me instead of me having to call you.  Gold star.


  • We got our stimulus check yesterday which I’m afraid to deposit because it could get STOLEN.  I still don’t know how someone got all of my card information.  Although I do plan to try and investigate the shipping address of some of the crap they bought to see if anything can be done. 


  • We have our last baby class on Wednesday and I’m scared because it’s all about C-sections. 


  • And just on another random note, why can’t men take their shoes off?  Is it really that difficult?  I spent all night Friday night cleaning our house, sweeping and mopping wood floors so that Rob can just get dirt and sand all over them again?  So when I walk on the floor this morning, I have like grit sticking to my feet?  Gross.  TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF.  I don’t know.  It’s more frustrating because of the energy it takes me to do things right now.  It’s a lot. 


  • I feel like I’m running out of time.  I never thought those words would leave my mouth, but I do feel that way.  I just feel like I’m closing in on my last moments of napping whenever I want, eating (e.i., not trying to lose baby weight), using pregnancy as an excuse, being pampered…you know, THAT stuff.  I’m super thrilled for the next step and I can’t wait, but how did it get here so fast?  It’s almost like real life is about to return.  I know I’m kinda scared.  I just wonder how it’s all gonna go and what’s hard is I have no control over how he’s gonna come out of there.  I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as he’s safe when he gets here. 
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  1. You’ve got a lot of craziness going on! I hope it all settles down soon!

    Try not to worry about how the baby comes. I was sure I was haveing a regular delivery, even to the point where I was pushing for 2 hours, but then I ended up having a C section. And it was fine. It will work out exactly as it should. 🙂

  2. MS

     /  June 17, 2008

    Porky, that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard someone say. I bet your jaw dropped. Wow! What a jerk.

    I’m glad the bank is covering you.

  3. If you’d like to send me the address of the dude who made the porker comment, I would gladly come over to your side of the state and kick his butt. 🙂

    So glad you’d booting Comcast out of your life. I was able to get another provider at my new apartment and I am SO HAPPY to not be writing a check to those tools anymore. 🙂


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