Hello toes? You are pretty.

I am the last person to say anything physical about myself looks good at all, who is right?  But if there’s one thing I am confident in, it’s my feet and hands.  They are pretty and I thank my mother and grandmother for that.  Last night was my third pedicure for this pregnancy and oh how I will miss them once this child pops out and I can reach my toes again.  For the record I can reach my toes, but there ain’t no way nail polish is going on neat and clean like.  And I totally say “aint” in that sentence for emphasis, I hope you know that.  ANYWAY, this morning I looked at my toes and I just adore them.  They looked even prettier than usual because I love the color I chose for them.  Also?  The lady who did my pedicure this time rubbed my legs and feet FOREVER.  I wanted to kiss her!  It also helped that I had gone for a 3 mile walk right before so my feet were feeling sore when I walked in but hello?  I love that lady. 

This weekend is fun filled with dinner with friends tonight, a wedding reception tomorrow and I get to wear that fab dress I feel pretty in * and WITH my new pink toes, and then a birthday dinner tomorrow evening for Amelia.  But MOST OF ALL, I get to see Baby Boy today on the ultrasound! 

Ultrasound pics and new BUMP pics coming soon.  Week 34, here we come!**

*This is the second event out of four that I’ll be wearing that dress to, so get used to it!  🙂


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  1. I love that you felt the need to explain your use of the word “ain’t”. I would totally do that, too. 🙂

  2. I am not a particular fan of my toes. Rob tells me they look like fingers because they’re pretty long. Ew.


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