An Open Letter to the Baby Place

Dear Babies R Us,

After my recent shower I found myself in a position I did not want to be, with 2 highchairs.  I appreciate how giving and loving my family and friends are.  They are the best and when they go out of their way to do something or buy something nice for me, I find it difficult to offend them or even POSSIBLY offend them in anyway.  So when my husband and myself decided we would return the highchair my aunt sent us to get other things we needed off of our registry, which READ: still spending money in your store, we felt comfort in knowing that even though we were returning her gift that we would still get things we needed for our impending birth and it could set our minds at ease and that also she might never know due to where she lives.

But WAIT.  When we tried to return the item to the ONLY STORE LOCATION IN WEST MICHIGAN we were told we could not return it there as you do not keep it in stock at that store.  Fine and good.  But when I called your customer service and inquired if a gift card would indeed be sent back to us, you told us no.  NO?  I was told you would credit my aunt and then I would have to tell her I returned her gift and then tell her she needs to pick out another gift or send me the money. 


Okay, yeah.

Dear Aunt,

Thanks for going out of your way for me and taking your time to send me a gift and spend your hard earned money, I’m going to return that gift now and you will be credited back the 99.99 dollars and then could you please buy me something else?  OR better, just write me a check? 



Yeah Babies R Us, maybe you don’t give a fuck about people or being rude but I think it’s rude of me to ask that of my aunt when you could just take the gift back and give me a gift card.  Seriously.  How is that so difficult?

I will never spend another dime in your store.  I promise you that.

Thanks for nothing.


I highly advise to any of my readers that you make sure the Babies R Us near you, if you register there, has everything in stock that you register for or that you are careful with your registry online and make sure items are not just available online.  And if you get two of something, good luck with that.  Even if they do have it in store you will not get cash, you will only get a gift card.

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  1. Ugh. We registered right in the store with the little scanner thing, so I guess we only registered for things they had in stock.

    I didn’t realize the Babies R Us (presumably) here by me is the only one in West Michigan. You’d think GR would have one…

  2. Ridiculous!


  3. MS

     /  July 18, 2008

    That’s awful.

  4. I’m glad I’m not registering at Babies R Us! I have never heard of a policy like this at any store EVER. It only makes sense if the store presumes you stole the high chair from your aunt and is trying to protect your aunt!


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