Survey Says

I have a new addiction.

Family Feud.  Hehehe. 

We now have the Game Show Network and I’m addicted. 

Last night I found myself yelling, “INSURANCE!!!  IT’S INSURANCE YOU MORON!!!  GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE!!!!”

Yeah, I’m bored and waiting for a baby to come, cut me some slack!

My new thing is trying to figure out a way to go on the show without having to take family, but instead, take friends. 

Rob says he’ll go on but he’s not dancing and clapping when we go to and from commercial.  I told him he probably has to and he says no, it’s not worth the 20,000.   And he’ll only go if he can be the leader of the group.

I would totally dance and clap and probably do a little jig.  And then Rob says that’s why he would even question taking me.  Yeah, it’s my idea and he questions taking ME?  Loser.

Rob said he’s also disappointed because Al Borland doesn’t wear his flannel, I told him that’s because he’s not Al on the Family Feud, he’s Richard.  Rob thinks he should still be Al. 

I asked my friends husband if he would dance and clap to and from commercial and he said no, he might throw a fist pump, but that’s about it. 

I just think the dancing and clapping is part of it, you know?

Anyway, we were watching the other night and the question was:

“What country, not including the US, do you admire the most?”

Australia!  Yep, good one.

Ireland!  Yep, and totally my guess that no one got.

Okay, I can’t remember the other 2 but there were 5 total with 2 left because no one had guessed Ireland yet and Al moves over to the Johnson Family who needs this to steal the game or it’s over for them and do you know what they said?


Al looks at them how you are looking at the screen right now, like really Mr. Johnson?  EUROPE?

“Yep, it’s Europe Al, COME ON.”

I don’t know what was worse, the fact that the Johnsons said Europe or that the other family was clenching hands with their fingers crossed hoping it wasn’t on the board.

I want to get on there.  I can’t help myself.

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  1. OH, I LOVE the game show network. Last night I was watching “Whammy!” 😉

  2. Family Feud would be great. I always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune, but I may be overqualified. There’s always that one person with no clue. The puzzle will be something like this: Goldilocks and the three be_rs and the contestant will guess “Goldilocks and the three beers?”

  3. I will totally go on as part of your fake family, not that you asked. I would definitely dance. But I would also guffaw loudly when the other team gave stupid answers.

  4. I’ll go on there with you! I’ll even dance, too. We have to be related by now. K and Rob are too much alike from the stories I read on here.

    Oh! And we both run! We can pretend to be sisters or something. Except I don’t know if you’d even want to joke about being related to me once you saw my pre-commercial dance moves …

  5. what, no Canada?

  6. I’ll totally go – and jump up and down – and clap!!!


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