Rob is convinced I’m going into labor any minute because last night at 8:30 I decided that I needed to vacuum the entire house (well, he ended up stealing the vacuum away from me because I was driving him crazy) including the walls in our bedroom.  Yeah, I vacuum walls, what about it?

I deny it’s nesting and am more convinced it’s just because Star’s dog hair is atrocious and I can’t believe she’s not bald.

But in the last week I have cleaned out and scrubbed down the entire fridge (totally justifiable), steam cleaned the basement carpet (also needed) and steam cleaned the couch, and now vacuumed and also dusted.

Lots of people will be coming to visit.  I’m just saying…..

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  1. Yep. Sounds like nesting to me. But you’re being productive! Good for you.

    At my parents’ house, the walls in the basement rec room are carpeted. It would totally make sense to vacuum those.

  2. MS

     /  July 23, 2008

    I’ve never heard of carpet on walls. I’m trying to imagine this…

    Definitely nesting.

  3. I have been organizing some parts of my office and got crap from a coworker who claims I am nesting. I am actually just trying to make it possible for people to find things while I am on leave so that they won’t have to bug me!

  4. HAHA! This post cracks me up!!! I get like that right before I get my period!!!

    ps – I vacuum walls too – they get very dusty 🙂

  5. Um, if you’re really really in a cleaning phase, you can come clean my place! It’s tidy, but a deep cleaning definitely never hurts.

    Just, you know, in case you run out of places to scrub at your own house — which it sounds like could happen any minute now. 🙂


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