60 Degrees

I have our AC set at 60.  I can’t help it, I’m so hot.  The sad thing is I still wake up sweating sometimes. 

My point of this is that Rob is freezing.  In the middle of the night I hear things like, “BURRRRR!” and “Sweetlips I’m so COLD”, as he tries to snuggle up to me, which makes sense because I’m a heater but he just makes me hotter so I move away. 

This week Rob has had a different plan every night.  The first night he added a long sleeve shirt to his night clothes instead of just his boxers.

Still freezing.

The second night he added pants.

Still freezing.

Last night I laughed when he came to bed with an additional giant quilt and covered his half of the bed. 

For the record, I’m barely sleeping with the sheet and in fact, require no blanket at all because I’m THAT HOT.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s news that Star sleeps with us.  Last night I kept feeling this odd sort of slight shaking when her head was rested on my leg as she snuggled between us.  I felt it several times so this morning I asked Rob, “Can dogs shiver?”

“Yes, WHY?”

I told him that I think even Star might be cold and is possibly shivering.

“Sweetlips!  You’re going to turn Star into a popsicle!”

Maybe Star needs her own blanket too!

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  1. hahah did you ever see Father of the Bride II? When the wife and the daughter are pregnant at the same time? They have the AC blasting in the house and Steve Martin has to wear a winter coat inside.

  2. Oh my gosh, how funny! You know it’s bad when the guy is cold!


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