Christmas Morning?

Rob and I had a birthday party today that we needed to leave for by 11:30.

We woke up at 11.

I think the last time either of us have slept in until 11 was when we were like 22.

We can barely sleep in past 8:30.

When I sat up and said, “Sweet Jesus, it’s 11!”, Rob didn’t believe me. I mean, who wakes up late for a birthday party at NOON?

I jumped up, and I was in the best mood and I got in the shower and started singing.* You sing in the shower right?

When I got out of the shower Rob said, “This is it. You are in a good mood, you didn’t wake up with heartburn, you woke up once to pee, we slept in until 11, you have too much energy….this is what the baby teacher said would happen. It’s the calm before the storm.”

“It’s like a present from Jesus?”


Then I got a little nervous. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

*If you want my boooooooooody and you think I’m seeeeeeeeexy, come on baby let me knooooooowwwwwwwww. Come on, now that’s a funny song to sing when you are 9 months pregnant!

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  1. Priceless!!! Love it!

    And, um, EXCITED!


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